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  1. OK,  I have a program in a Control Logix 5561 controller(ver. 19.52) that every time we go online with it, the communication between the PLC and the PC running RS5000 is so slow you cannot navigate the program efficiently. I am new to this facility but I noticed the programmer used 20 different periodic tasks to organize their program, mostly running at 30ms intervals. several are set to 10ms and some are even set to 3ms. I have gone through and found out that the short interval tasks have been overlapped 10's of millions of times, and the combined total of all scan times is over 160ms. I have a strong feeling this could be causing our comms bog down and possibly other erratic behavior but would like a second opinion. This machine has 2 indexing dials, with work stations that do work between indexes, Pick and Place operations, etc.  Is there even a need to be running these with periodic tasks? All thoughts are appreciated. Thank you
  2. S7-1500 HW Interrupt

    Hi Guys, I'm still here asking your help because i need to reproduce a previous work that i did on omron series. Now i'm using a Siemens 1510SP-1PN CPU, with a DI 24VDC module assigned in the first slot. I would like to know how to call an interrupt task every time that a rising edge on E0.0 and E0.1 occurs. I  have configured the I/O settings of the module, to call the OB40 hardware interrupt block, but unfortunately i don't know how to assign the addresses to a specified OB, otherwise i noticed that if this option is enabled, instead of the default settings, the CPU can't see the input addresses rise up or turn on; If i configure back the default settings i can see again in a variable table the address E0.0 turn on, why this happens? Is this meaning that i can't use this address for other tasks or other functions? Can i call a hardware interrupt or something like that with an internal variable like a merker? What instructions i must use to enable and activate the OB40? Thank you! Best Regards.