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  1. FR A740 parameter save

    Hi Guys! A have a question about FR A740 inverter. Is there a solution to save the parameters from the inverter ? I know the method how can I copy the parameters from one inverters the to others. But what if I just have one inverter and I have to set the parameters. Is there a software for that task ? I f I remember correctly, there is an ethernet port behind the keypad, maybe I can use that ? ??? I want to save a backup too about the parameters and I dont want to see all of the 1000 parameters....  Thank you... Please help me.
  2. Gxworks 2 using gx works 2.. My issue is i already modified program..and downloaded..but i forget to save the issue is i cannot modified and download any program.. How to solve this issue..thank you
  3. Something bad is happening with my CX Designer project. Quite often, when I try and save it, or if I open too many screens, I get the following error report: "nsd.EXE has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." I then lose every I did since the last save. Is there anyway I can fix this? Preferably without just restarting the project from the last safe version (I have done about a days work since then). If it helps, when I first opened the seemingly corrupted project, all my screen category folders had gone, in the left pane. All the screens just appeared in one long list.