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  1. hardware failure of profibus network

    hi guys i have to two identical Digital axis control HNC100 on profibus network to control a press machine with two stage. hardware failure (axis control module) occurs to one of the stage .someone make a machine operate with single stage bypass this axis control module on profibus network   my question how to disconnect this module from  profibus network without effect to plc program ?
  2. Hi Everyone, I would like to know  if two S7-300 CPU can exchange data via MPI protocol using X_Put and X_Get blocks. is it possible to test the data exchange via PLCSIM to verify. CPU1 = 313C-2DP CPU2 = 312 Please advise. Thank you.
  3. Forgot S7300 Password

    Have forgot the password for S7300 plc in simatic manager step7 , thus i am not able to go online or upload any changes .