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  1. I'm having a difficult time updating some HMIs on a production floor using both Rslogix5000 and EzwarePlus. I've exported my CSV from RS, and in the importation stage, it shows I have no tags. However literally everything on the screen is already linked up to tags. When selecting an objects properties and clicking tags there, everything shows up. When in the address library nothing shows up, and my CSV after clicking import, does nothing.  Is there something brutally straight forward here that I'm just missing?
  2. ControlLogix DLL File

    Hello, I've been wracking my brain, but I thought I remembered there was a way to store and execute a DLL file inside of a ControlLogix (not softlogix) controller? You could use exposed functions inside the DLL to fit your needs. Am I going crazy? Or is this not possible? Any insight into this is much appreciated. Thanks, neech
  3. I need a program that will utilize 4 Banner Lights. They each have 3 colors except for the one on the top it has 5.... I need each to be on together, but I want the output color to be randomized. I'm brand new to PLC's and would like to use RSLogix 5000, this will be a giant help for me to play with and alter to further my learning. Thanks. Using 16 Outputs, but only 14 are used. Ive thought about an array possibly, but this is my first time trying to write code on 5000 ive used 500 in the past, and the whole tags thing is weird to me.
  4. Hello everyone! I try get a value of confidence data of sensor LR560 by Hart (Command #206) , but i dunno how send a command to HART way CIP Message.  I tried with " CIP Services to Pass-through a HART Message to the HART Field Device" but don't work.  Equipment: CPU: 1756-L63 RSlogix 5000, v 20. Hart Input: 1756-IF8H Level Sensor, Sitrans LR560 Best regards.
  5. Masking out values

    Hello all,    I am trying to mask out some values out of a bar code from cognex data scanner. Here is an example of what I am trying to achieve Data from Cognex: 2275019xf1-8877R215BA1234567 i just need 2275019XF1-8877R215B    I know i can program the bar code scanner to not to read but that would cause a lot of downtime. I wanna to know how to mask such a big number. Any help would be appreciated. I would be using RSlogix5000   Thanks Pratik 
  6. Hi, My Powerflex 525 Drive is currently working in the Project. I wanted to observe the drive parameters when the drive is running and live with PLC. I usually do that by getting online with the PLC (1756L72S) from RSLogix5000 and then by going in to the Drive Properties from the I/O Configuration folder i use to click on Drive tab and from there i was able to observe all the Drive parameters with the real-time values on which drive is running. Now when i try to observe the Same real time parameters on my other PF525 drive, i follow the same procedure as mentioned above till going into the Drive properties and when i try to click on drive tab its gives me a Screen with a message "AUTOMATIC CONNECTION FAILED". The status of drive in the drive properties still shows me that the drive is running. How can i observe the Real-time Parameters for this other PF525 Drive? Thanks.    
  7. I am very knowledgeable with RSLogix5 and RSLogix500, but want to become well-versed with RSLogix5000 advanced algorithms, strategies, and program types—(Ladder, Sequential Function Charts, Function Block Diag, Structured Text), and motion control, such as servo-controllers. . . mostly interested in structured text. I’m also interested in the nuances of RSLogix5000, ControlLogix & CompactLogix regarding design, on-line programming, and off-line programming, etc. Can anyone recommend a course or courses that cover this subject matter? Thanks!
  8. Hi, i'm a newbie in plc programming, i've started to learn recently. I have written a program by Rslogix 5000, but my tutor want me to build a HMI using Advanced HMI for simulation. Searching on goggle seem to be hopeless now, it would be thanksful if anyone can show me how to link RSlogix 5000 program with AdvancedHMI step by step, especially, i'm stuck at register IP address, port, com. Thanks for your reading!
  9. Auto email from RSLOGIX 5000

    hi,  I have a question. I want to get an email from rslogix 5000 automatically. Can this one be done? Thanks
  10. Updating an old laptop

    Hello,  I have a question on updating a laptop that we are using.  The current laptop I have is using windows xp with Rslogix500 version 6.20 and rslogix5000 version v20.04.00 (cpr 9 sr 5).  Lately the laptop has been running slow and having comm issues.  The usb ports get tied up and communication has been almost impossible with rslinx.  I constantly have been getting that that device is not recognized and the only way i have been able to establish communication is to keep rebooting the computer to free up the comm ports.  The computer takes about 15 mins. to reboot and load again.  Anyway, I have got the go ahead to get a new laptop.  My questions are what should i get and how much can i upgrade without having a bunch of headaches.  My thought was to purchase a laptop with windows 7 but I am not sure what that would involve to do so.  Is there a fee to upgrade versions?  Is windows 7 the best operating system to upgrade to?  Should i just get a computer with windows xp on it and leave everything the same?  Any advice here would be much appreciated.
  11. Greetings, I'm here in my home lab trying to acquire a working knowledge of UDT's.  I've had to work with them in the past in large existing programs and they were a pain to track down and find out what IO they were really controlling.  I have a decent understanding of what they are and I've created several to play with here using my softlogix processor and a digital flex IO rack. My issue starts when i'm trying connect my UDT's to the physical IO.  it looks like I cant use a simple move instruction (which would be way too easy and exactly what I need)  I have a flex IO 8 point output.  Local:1:O.Data[0] I have a UDT consisting of (see attachment) Valve001  Valve001.Out     Valve001.Out.OPEN     Valve001.Out.CLOSE   Valve001.In     Valve001.In.OPEN     Valve001.In.CLOSED I have a copy instruction set to copy Valve001    to Local:1:O.Data[0]     Length 2 that allows the Out.Open and Out.Close UDT's to control bits 0 and 1 of the 8 bit output . .... great. Now I have another UDT setup to control lighting... Door   Door.Out.OPEN   Door.Out.CLOSE I want to control bits 2 and 3 I make another copy instruction in a line before the original copy instruction that states Copy Door to Local:1:O.Data[0] Length 4 but i'm really just fighting for the same 2 bits that the valve controls.... how can I control bits 2 and 3 for the door/lighting logic using these UDT's?   and that's not yet getting into having physical inputs moved/copied to the UDT input bits. thanks!!    

    I am using a 1769-ASCII card to talk to a Mass Flow Controller, the problem is that I need to send it a string of HEX characters. Initially I was sending a sting of '0221AD' and I found that the device was not responding. Then i sent a string of '$02$21$AD' and I got the response i was looking for. There is one packet of data that i need to calculate so I cant manually add the dollar sign to the string, I have tried everything to add a concatenate $ to a string of AD to get $AD dynamically and I cant find anything that works. To get the hex, i am summing decimal values and them converting it to hex. The issue is that the $ is reserved char. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions to get me over this hurdle? Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, this is probably a stupid question so I apologize if it is, but I have a PanelView Plus 6 700 and a CompactLogix L36ERM on one of my machines at my plant.  We have several different molds that run in this machine, so we have 5-7 different PLC programs that can possibly run in this processor, depending on which mold is in.  I'm planning to go to a single program with recipes, but I haven't had the time to set that up yet.  So we use the PanelView for troubleshooting, and adjusting process paramters.  On the main screen in the PanelView I have the time/date and also the program name.  What I have been doing is just creating a string tag in RSLogix 5000 that is the program/processor name (we use the same name for the processor and program) and then on my PanelView I just create a string display that looks at the string tag name in the processor.  That way anytime a mold is changed over and the PLC program is downloaded, the PanelView displays the correct program/processor name.   Now this is all fine and dandy and works as long as if a new program is created, we remember to change the string tag to the name of the new program, we often run new sample parts and what we do is rename an existing program that has similar logic and save it as a new program name.  The problem comes up because if somebody copies an existing program and makes a new one, the string tag is still going to say the name of the old PLC program.  Now if we only had one or two or even 5 machines, it would be simple enough to just remember to change that string tag.  Our, or I should say MY problem is that we have approximately 40ish machines in our plant, and I can't always remember to change that string tag every time we create a new program.  I should say that I have been, but there are times that I may forget. My question is this, is there any way that in FactoryTalk View ME Studio to have a string display the name of the processor or the name of the PLC program automatically without having to manually enter the name into the string tag that I created in RSLogix 5000?  Like is there a system tag somewhere that has the name of the processor or the name of the program?   That was way more explaining then probably necessary.  It's early and I've had way too much coffee haha.   Thanks guys.
  14. Rs Logix 5000 simulator

    From what I can tell, there is no built-in PLC simulator within RS Logix 5000, and I have to download a separate package that requires another licence to be paid for?   Is that really the case??
  15. CompactLogix strings.

    How do I add a constant string to a CompactLogix PLC and RSLogix5000? How do I copy one string to another? I have found links to using the COP instruction, which is fair enough, but the source parameter needs a tag and not a literal. How do I get a value into the tag? Can I really only do it when online? I'm new to Allen Bradley, and finding string usage to be very confusing so far.  
  16. I'm in the process of converting an old Siemens S5 project (with no comments!) to ControlLogix. My first question is in the S5 there is the odd instruction with a '#' in it: - -] [ - - - - (#) - - - - ] [ - - - - -(F00.1) In old logix the # means a file, what does it mean in Siemens speak?   My next question, I have the rockwell document for structured text and also for converting S5 to logx, is there any other resource that would help me understand Siemens structured text?   As I chip away at the project I'll be posting more questions. Thanks in advance for your help.
  17. Monthly Bit Reset

    Im working on a way to reset a RTO (retentative timer) that counts how long a motor runs above alarm current levels and keeps a record of the highest current recorded... currently it just counts forever but I want to reset it each month... and to possibly move data into monthly registers to evaluate and compare.   I have my GSV setup monitoring the clock and am trying to think of a way to monitor my WALLCLOCK[1] DINT that houses the month (Currently 2)   I want to trigger a reset anytime that DINT  changes state.... any ideas?? 
  18. Client is wanting to use a 1734-AENTR with I/O and what not. When I go into the hardware tree to add I/O, its grayed out to add a new module to the hardware tree. JUST for this critter though, has anyone else experienced this?
  19. Question about firmwares

    Hello. I searched for an answer for this but it is still not very clear to me. I have a new Guardlogix 1756-L72S. I would like to create a project to work with it with firmware version 20.13. I have RSlogix5000 v20.01(CPR 9 SR 5) which should be compatible with it (in fact I can open projects with another guardlogix that have that firmware version) BUT when I create my new porject, the firmware version RSLogix5000 puts is v20.11 1. How could I create a project with the firmware version 20.13 for my guardlogix? (Didn't find an AOP for this) 2. If I update the guardlogix to firmware 20.13 with the CONTROLFLASH, could I still be able to go online and work with it, even though my project has a different firmware version? Thanks!
  20. Several years ago before I arrived at my company, an integrator came in to do the automation on our system. They used a Controllogix 1756-L61S for the safety portion of the project. Apparently, when they completed the job they did not provide the source code with comments, safety password, etc. for anything and it got ugly between our company and theirs. In other words, they would not provide it if we went back to ask them. Allen Bradley has told us that we can not make any alterations now to the safety logic because we do not have the password that was used to create it. And they said there is no longer a master password that you could use like in previous controllers. Does anybody know of any workarounds for this? Or have heard of anything that might possibly work?
  21. PLC Version Upgrade

    I am installing a new device that is really easy to set up with an add on profile (AOP). However, the PLC I am using is only a version 13.44, and I need it to be at least version 15 to use the AOP. Is there a way I can upgrade the PLC to a newer version so I can use the AOP?
  22. Hey, this may be an obvious question, but here goes: I have a CompactLogix L36ERM running RL5000 controlling one of our lead die cast machines. When I make a change to the program offline and need to download I always go and shut the machine down for safety reasons before downloading. One of our techs stopped the machine but left the control power and hydraulic pump on while downloading (something we are not supposed to do) when he finished downloading he switched it back to run mode and the machine closed on it's own and started right back up. This is a safety concern to me. We have a "close enable" tag that is true when all necessary conditions are met, and gets latched on when the machine is running in full auto. Before he downloaded the machine was at idle, meaning that the only way to close the machine would be to press the two dead-man switches to start the process. But, when he downloaded it started up automatically. Now I know the reason why is when the program was last saved, the "close enable" tag had a value of 1, it was latched on, so it bypassed the dead-man switches. A quick fix would be to save the program with that tag un-latched so that it can't start up on it's own after downloading. But, in case somebody saves the program while the machine is running and with that tag latched on, I need a better solution. Is there any tag or bit that goes true when a program is downloaded or when the mode of the PLC is switched from run to download to run? I want to manipulate that tag so that when I download it un-latches the "close enable" tag. I'm sure there is a way to do it, I'm just not even really sure what to search for in the online help. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Howard
  23. Hey guys, so I feel like I must be doing something wrong here, well obviously since I cant get it to work. So I have a CompactLogix L36ERM running RSLogix5000, I've got 28 cards in total, all working except for one. My 1769-OF8V Analog Ouptut module. I just want to be able to output a 0-10v signal to a proportional valve module, specifically a Parker PCD00. Anyways, so I am online with the processor, everything is looking good, I/O is responding. I have the specific channel on that output module enabled in the module properties. I have tried changing the data type to every different option, I have raised and lowered the limits. I think I am addressing it correctly. I am just trying to move a value into that channel's data file. It appears to be moving the number in just fine, but when I put a meter on the output for that channel, I get 0V from the output to analog com. There is a little switch inside the module that allows you to use rack power or external 24V, I tried switching it down and using an external 24VDC source, I currently have it switched up to use the rack power. I'm lost. If somebody could please help me out and tell me if there is something obvious that I'm missing or doing wrong/ take me through an easy step by step way of setting this up for basic 0-10v output, that would be great. Sorry for being so new, I have attached a couple screenshots of the logic I'm using and the way I have it configured right now, but I have tried all different configurations. Thanks, Howard
  24. Hello all, I'm new to this forum, hope I will be able to get some answers on this forum. I'm wotking on maintanance for machines under productiona and I would like to conect one machine to my work PC. But when I try to setup conection with RSLinx, RSLinx don't see my PLC. Problem is that my PC is on network with IP addresses 192.168.8.XXX and machine is on IP address and between is cisco RV180 routher which is set to have LAN address (company network), and WAN is set as (subnet, gateway, dns When I conect directly 1756 ENBT/A card to my laptop (laptop is set to same range of IP addresses) I can see PLC and everything is working but this way is not practical for me. Is there any way to conect my office PC to PLC, some settings in RSLinx Clasic? Any idea would be helpful. I attached simplified network drawing for easyer understanding. network.pdf Thank you for your time and help, best regards, baric1007