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  1. Absolute value in ST

    Hi everybody I'm trying to create a code to count an absolute value from my Q64AD module. I found absolute value function ABS, but its working somewhat strange, and i do not see the difference between real value and absolute value. Then I created a timer for an absolute value with some mathematics: SUM1:= SUM1 + napr1; Nsum := Nsum + 1; IF timer_sr.Q THEN timer_sr(IN:= NOT timer_sr.Q , PT:= T#100ms); outsr := SUM1 /Nsum; Nsum := 0; SUM2 := 0; END_IF;   where napr1 - is value from Q64AD module ch1. It worked on codesys, but not working here. Data type of sum1, napr1, nsum is Word[signed]. In codesys Nsum was INT type. What's the difference and what i did wrong?
  2. Good day Please assist me - pertaining to the QSeries GXWorks2 Programming  - and in particular the utilization of the macrocode functionality. The information required includes; [1] Purpose of macrocode (incl advantages) [2] its utilization's effects on the PLC programming memory (it appears that it consumes more programming memory. [3] any reference documentation that could be used - containing specifically information regarding this feature (note most manuals doesn't discuss this)
  3. GX Work2 Comments in Arrays

    I am very new to the Mitsubishi PLC world (I have a lot of experience with A/B and Omron though).  I am having an issue trying to assign comments to an array of Globally scoped bits - I am also using Structured Ladder - NOT simple ladder.  Is it possible to do this?  I have contacted there tech support group and they were of little help.  I don't care if I update the label comment or the device comment, I just want to assign a simple comment that can be displayed (i.e. I am using this for step sequences).   Any help would be greatly appreciated!