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  1. Afternoon all, I am trying to transfer data from a nj101 omron plc to a slc 5/04 using rs232. I have a CJ1W-SCU22 serial module on the nj side connected to a 1746-BAS module on the slc side. I have connected and programmed to the 1756-bas using hyperterminal but no matter what command I use I cant extract the specified data from the nj101. I have not been able to find any examples of this online and was wondering if somebody could give me some tips or point me in the direction of any manuals or examples I should use. Thank you
  2. Hi This is a continuation of the following post: But since it is a different error I thought to write it on a new post. The problem I have is, once I reseted my controller, cleared all memories, whenever I want to transfer my new program to the controller I get this error: I clicked on the "Update Configuration and Setup Transfer Data" command but nothing happens and the problem still persists What does "perform a rebuild operation" mean? What can I do, the ETHERCAT configuration is correct since the last post error was fixed. Any idea?
  3. Hi I wanted to exchange one of my NX-OD3256 unit modules attached on a NX-ECC203 Ethercat Coupler for a NX-OD4256. But it seems impossible since i'm getting several errors on my sysmac studio and on the controller and coupler. The initial errors are the following: This happens when I restart and connect to the controller on sysmac: And this error shows up whenever I try to transfer the new configuration on the Ethercat tab by the button "Transfer to Unit": I searched for this post in the OMRON web: But the Minor Faults persists, I checked the troubleshooting manual and the w505 manual, but I cannot find any revelant info about the problem. I tried many things, like reseting the controller, going back to the old configuration program or checking any physical issue, which seems everything is fine. Any help is apreciated.    
  4. Hi , I am trying to transfer and reset a few counters at 23:59:59 everyday.... it works in simulation but on the unit itself... DOESN'T... Here I changed the time but same thing ! Thanks