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  1. Dear all, i have using nexgenie 1000 cpu for my new project. but i am not able to connect with codesys v2.3 . I have installed target file T1.4 and T2.4. trie with both. Now i have doubt with communication cable. I have used standard RS232 Cable with 5and 8 Pin short. Kindly suggest the correct one. Thanks in advance
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This target setting files are used with codesys software for programming mitsubishi nexgeine PLC series,   
  3. mitsubishi nexgenie plc target settings View File Compact Base Unit packed with 14/16 feature rich I/O points Base Variant Option with DI + AI + HSC Input Expandable up to 80 I/O Points with 4 Expansion Modules Models with or without Visual Access Window (VAW) Submitter lionheart86 Submitted 01/18/17 Category Demo Software