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  1. We would like to update our PLC IC693CPU313U. But/BUT we do not have a copy of the Program loaded on the PLC. The only copy of the program is running on the PLC. We are trying to download the program directly from the PLC to the computer so we can then upload it later. We've had Techs out already, and they give up when they hear LogicMaster and VersaPro and IC693CPU313U. We bough a refurbished older laptop, it is successfully loaded with Lm90 and VersaPro. Computer connects successfully to PLC IC693CPU313U via serial cable. Online/Offline/Monitor success. LM90 identified the PLC Program Name: U1_8RG LM90 would not download the Program from the PLC to the Computer due to program on PLC being outdated. VersaPro would not download program from PLC, its error was: CPU not compatible with Nano/Micro edition. What are we missing in the instructions?