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  1. Connect FX1N-60MR to SCADA

    Hello all! I have a FX1N-60MR. I need to display the contents of their data registers to the SCADA system. If you look at the product catalog, there are a few solutions either install into the slot of the additional equipment interface adapter FX1N-CNV-BD connect the communications adapter FX2NC-ENET-ADP, but this raises the question - what Protocol is used?, either install in the slot of the additional equipment interface adapter FX1N-CNV-BD connect the communication module FX2NC-485ADP, but this raises the same question - what Protocol is used? Whether it is necessary in both cases to modify the program code in the PLC, do I need to configure extra modules? What typical solution to this problem?
  2. I found a blog like this, but have not experienced it yet and it's not entirely clear what it should give out at the output? How does he work? I write through values into variables. Then I just write down the dechki and then I'll change these doshki from poneli. And that's why it's not clear at the exit !? What will be on the way out? I thought that there would be a flag that would start heating up. Previously, I used the developer, but then I began to migrate to Works2 and now I'm stuck with PID. I downloaded a couple of libraries for PID for Works2 but there is something that a lot of everything I do not think that I need all this especially since there for 3d 5g Tell me how you can use this blog only? And can they only be dispensed with? and tell me how you can make help in works2?
  3. Hello, Everyone . Do anyone has experience in FX1N-232-BD connect to GT11 (or other model) from Panasonic ? I try to connect them via RS232 port and I setup parameter following HMI manual but It doesn't work at all only RX led on 232-BD blinking Any suggestion ?    Matcha IMG_39346964.MOV
  4. I have two plc, they are the same but I need to see and transfer the programming of one to the other. How can I do this ? I need a software?  What's? What's I need to do this ? Thanks. 
  5. FX1N PLC ERROR 8067

    Hi everyone, I have a FX1N conected with an HMI Beijer E100. the application is not working, the plc has no error light but the HMI Says: PLC error 8067 any idea what that error means and how to fix it?