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  1. hi there is a 1215c and a fatek B1 plc here. 1215c as master and fatek as slave. i want to read 10 16bit words from Fatek to 1215c and i use Modbus rtu 485. i have a problem with what comes from Fatek To 1215C. thx 2018-08-25_11-56-16.mp4
  2. fatek plc monitoring by labview

    Hi, I'm going to monitor my data by labview, I am using FUN150 to monitor R0 (for example) into labview as 400001, but the function in winproladder show error. I attach the winproladder programm
  3. Fatek PID gap

    Hello, I need to build a project with PID function. The main objective is to work with pressure (sensor is 0-16bar 4-20mA). If pressure is between 5 and 7bar (7 is set point), I want PID to give scaled values at my analog output. Pressure <= 5bar = 100% Pressure > 5bar and < 7bar = scaled values Pressure >= 7bar = 0% So actually as I understand, I need need a second set point. The HIGH set point is 7. The LOW set point is 5. How am I going to give the low set point?   Thanks in advance!!!
  4. FATEK Serial communication

    Hello everyone, I am completely new with Fatek PLC. Can somebody help me (example, tutorial, explanation) with a serial communication between Fatek and PC. I am using FBs series.
  5. Dear @ s good afternoon! You see I have a small problem, scale the signal of the plc manually using equation of the line and other steps, so I did a PLC Delta, but I've spent time in a PLC FATEK and apparently see it is more advanced and there is another way to do it using its simulator "WinProladder" to achieve it. So the question is: Can you help on how to scale using functions WinProladder for FBs-24MC plc Fatek? regards
  6. Hi I need to program my fatek fab Plc with the following : . I need to detect between a single long input or a repeated second pulse. The idea is to control a window blind with two outputs of the Plc and two inputs (one for up, from a up switch and another for down from the down switch). the blind should go up until I maintain the key pressed. But when I make a repeated two pulse on the key it should go up automatically during a certainly define time (enough to completely open the blind). The same for the down direction. I need help on that.