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  1. Looking for ideas on connectivity issues with RSLinx/RSlogix when using an EWON Cosy 131 running on Windows 10. So here's whats up: Was running windows 7, could connect to the EWON VPN and use the ethernet driver in RSLinx to get to the PLC(compact logix). Also used Automation Direct C-more software with no problem as well. Now on Windows 10, the Automation Direct software still works fine, i can ping the PLC and get to its webserver but rslinx/logix will not pick up the plc. I have tried setting up a new ethernet driver to no avail. I also connected a cable directly to the plc from the pc, bypassing the ewon, and rslinx/logix will then see the plc, so rslinx does seem to "work" in windows 10. Any ideas on how to get connectivity back over the EWON VPN? I have these in customer plants and really dont want to revert back to win 7.   Thanks    
  2. PLC and HMI access remotely

    Dear Experts, I have just finished commissioning my first project in S7-300 (CPU315-2 DP) and so far the palletizer is running good. and now my manager want me to access the PLC and HMI remotely if problem occur, even though I'm on my vacation. Can anybody pls. help me what hardware and software do i need to purchase to access the plc and hmi. I have searched this in google, and found e-won and simatic teleservice. Can you please give some idea. any help is really appreciated... thank you so much...