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  1. RSLogix Emulate Troubles

    Good evening everyone.   I just recently tried to get into the whole RSLogix Emulate 5000 setup, for training purposes and setup. In our AB Software directory I found and installer for RSLogix Emulate 5000 (which was located in the installer directory of 21.03.01 Firmware support. I’m not sure if I installed it correctly, but it wasn’t part of the installer, as it had Its own installer which I ran and received following error:   Running setup.exe: The files for installation requirement Rockwell Automation Driver Package x64 could not be found. The installation will now stop. This is probably due to a failed, or canceled download.   Running RSEmulate 500.msi: 1.       A severe error occurred while using our EDS services component. Contact Rockwell Automation Support for Assistance.   After clicking OK, the installation continues nevertheless, but throws the following error: 2.       RegOpenKeyEx-1 failed. (Window Titlebar reads C:\Windows\ Installer\MSIC5F8.tmp)   However, the installation continues and doesn’t fault out, but when I try to start the emulator I get: Unable to read Virtual Backplane status. Please make sure that RSLinx Classic is installed and the Virtual Backplane driver is running. Click OK to terminate the Chassis Monitor.   I do have RSLinx Classics installed (Revision 3.90.00 CPR 9 SR 9) and running with the mentioned driver. However I also do know that the manual of the emulator reads that it can not be installed on a PC where SofLogix5800 controller is installed.   Looking ath the Installed Controller Support I see that SoftLogix5800 support is enabled by my RSLogix 5000 install, I just don’t know how to uninstall it, or if that is the reason, why my Emulator doesn’t install & run properly.   I unfortunately can not afford Rockwell Support, otherwise I would call there to find answers.     Please advise of what else I could try.

    Hello. Does anyone know if FINS SLAVE EMULATOR exists? (Like Modbus Slave). I need it to test communications through UDP network. Thanks. Best regards.
  3. Good Morning, I have installed and I can download to the emulator, but something is not correct. I can never get it to run. I can go to comms tab and I can see the driver but I can never select it. Is there a trick to this I am missing? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I have been trying to emulate an exisiting logix5000 project but am struggling somewhat. All the online help I have found so far is just showing me how to set up emulator with a new project. I.e. set up the controller from scratch. What I need to do, is take a project code from an exisiting process, make my changes and then test on the emulator. I did it once but as soon as I downloaded the project to the emulator controller I got near on 900 errors as the code couldn't resolve the I/O. If anyone knows of a technote that advises on existing code emulation that would be great. Just to be brave, I actually want to set up multiple emulators and have a couple of codes running at the same time so I can test SCADA I/O, is this possible? Cheers for now Alex