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  1. Guys, i have a doubt in understanding this problem . would u mind telling me how the code on ST would work for this.   Operator interface creation using CoDeSys Visualisations For the district heating system temperature of the boiler output must be kept as TSV = 120 ◦C. Inflow temperature is Tin = 65 ◦C. Provide temperature control system if outflow of the system is a random value in the range of Fout = [10 . . . 50] m3/h and maximal power of the boiler is P = 5 MW. • Simulate the control process, calculate the power needed to keep outflow temperature level, provide controller realization. – with initial condition Fout = 30 m3/h output of the controller is uo[%] = 38%. – Assume good isolation of the boiler (no transfer into environment). – Assume that volume of the liquid inside boiler does not change Fin = Fout = F. – Steady-state of the process can be described as follows ( dT dt = 0 ρV cp dT dt = P − F ρcp(TSV − Tin) , where cp = 4180 J kg· ◦C is a heat capacity and ρ = 1000 kg m3 –liquid density. 1. Draw process components. 2. Visualize/indicate (a) Liquid Temperature; (b) Flows. 3. Provide (a) Numerical values of all important process parameters and necessary trends; (b) Used Power value using analog indicator (0 . . . 10 V ) on the front panel of the PLC kit; (c) Possibility to manually change outflow value Fout using potentiometer knob. 4. Provide alarm notifications (a) Two priority types i. low and high loads of the system (Fout < 0.3Fmax or Fout > 0.9Fmax), ii. emergency shut down: (Fout < 0.25Fmax or Fout > 0.95Fmax). Use your knowledge about High Performance HMI. X Create an interface. X Demonstrate your work. X Make changes if asked