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  1. DL205 PLC program question

    Hello . Customer  ask about help with his system based on DL205-260 PLC + weintek HMI.He said that sometimes ago hmi displayed normal value and system worked, but after that some guyes come and try to do something with plc, maybe read programm maybe something else. PLC have the password that no one know. Now HMI doen't show any adequat value, plc in run state, but no reaction on touching HMI buttons, but in case of disconnecting ethernet cable HMI wrote "PLC com error".This seems like plc is empty, when i try to connect with it, it ask password. I have 3 question: Can be plc memory was erased if someone tryed to input wrong password much times or do something else? How can i know plc have or not have program inside?Can i get access to diagnostics utility without password? Can i reset password and programm, write myself programm and download it?(I read some topics on forum and can't bilieve that no way for resetting password without contuct with automation direct.)