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  1. Data Log using CCW

    Hi all, I am new to the forum as well as being new to programming PLC's.  I am trying to set up a simple data logging program using a Micro830, taking pulse readings from an energy meter. I have completed the program using tutorials, but i am struggling to set up the data log. The DLG function shows error 8 (real time clock is invalid) so i have tried to set up a real time clock but there are very little tutorials on how to do it. The RTC currently shows status 2 (RTC set operation failed). Please could someone please help me out so my boss doesn't disown me :(  Thanks so much in advance! Andy
  2. FT View ME Datalog

    Hi Guys, Anyone knows is it possible to run more than 1 datalog in FT View ME? And How? So far i in manual tells to switch from 1 to the other datalog. I need to run 5 datalog together. Thanks  
  3. Hello all, I created a Viewer for WinCC flexible and TIA Portal csv archive. Here a screenshot: you can download this software here: About feedback I would be happy Maybe you have some Ideas?
  4. I believe I have found a bug in FactoryTalk View ME version 8.10. I have a trend object that uses parameter file placeholders on the connections tab. These are direct-addressed to the shortcut ie {[PLC]...}. The historical data from the datalog does not show. (The pens write lines, but when I navigate away from the screen and come back, the lines are gone and begin drawing again from the right side.) The current data does show. This tells me that the placeholders are correct syntax. When the screen loads, the placeholders are being replaced by a string which yields a correct tag path, or else the pens would not be writing correct data. When I replace the placeholders manually and directly address the tag, the historical data does show correctly. This tells me that the datalog is set up correctly and is logging data. I have verified that a previous project of mine, using I believe version 6.0, successfully used this method of using one screen and one trend to plot various tags using parameter placeholders, and the historical data did show correctly.