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  1. Modbus TCP with CP1H and CP1L from PM

    From @SamuelT Please, I want to know if you know how to communicate two plcs omron CP1H (master) and one CP1L (slave). The master CP1H will send 10 DM memories to slave CP1L. Now I have this configuration: CP1H MASTER PORT: CP1W-MODTCP61 MASTER IP: SLOCK: 1, DIP SWITCH PLC # 4 = OFF CP1L SLAVE PORT: CP1W-MODTCP61 SLAVE IP: SLOCK: 1, DIP SWITCH PLC # 4 = ON I use the modbus RTU function blocks, but the master PLC does not communicate or send the DM memory values to the slave PLC Thank you very much for your reply if you have any example program it helps me a lot MRTU_CP1L SLAVE.cxp MTCP CP1H_MASTER.cxp
  2. cx programmer

      I have a problem with CP1H-EX40DT-D-SC unable to connect to cx progrmmer 9.6 in libary, there is no have cpu type. is there a solution in this forum terimakasih
  3. CP1H Communication HElp

    Hi - I had an old lab PC running software made in CX-Supervisor to control equipment attached to a CP1H (I did not make the software).  The CP1H connects to the PC with a RS232.  The PC running the software died, but I have the files copied onto a new PC.  I have installed the latest CX-Supervisor software, when I open my program file from the old PC I have a communication error (attached).  Where do I setup the new PC to communicate with the CP1H? Thank you
  4. Cp1h-y - encoder issues.

    My issue and goal. - Trying to get an encoder (Automation Direct TRD-N30-RZVWD) connected to a cp1h-y to read wheel position(coupling) and have a pulse trigger at certain positions is this possible? I currently have the encoder wired up to highspeed counter 1 and am using PRV(881) port #0010 control data #0 with an P_On always on flag.  wanting to see  values change but nothing is being changed in the watch window. I'm reading the programming in section  3-20-2 HIGH-SPEED COUNTER PV READ: PRV(881), but I'm struggling.  any help is much appreciated.    
  5. Combination Input

    Hi.. I'm new into PLC programming so I dont really know much how to program.. So hopefully there is someone out there that can help me with this or give me some ideas.. Here is the problem; I got 2 inputs signal, A & B.. from this 2 input signal, there will be variable combination of 4 inputs and it will produce different output let say in condition; 1. AAAB - Output 1 2. AABA - Output 2 3. AABB - Output 3 4. ABAA - Output 4 . . . n. BBBB - Output n   I'm open to any suggestion and ideas for this.. Btw I'm using OMRON CP1H for this one..  Thank you
  6. I am trying to connect my KILO TECH TOP GUN  scale with KIN 500 Indicator  to PLC CP1H  through  RS232C Module (CP1W-0007)  . Connect all wires , Comm Light on module is Blinking , But But I see nothing in the program. I tried everything I could, but I didn’t get a result in a couple of days. Thank you very much for your attention . KIN 500 25 september 2013 manual.pdf PLCScale.cxp
  7. Hello, I have a cp1h-y20dt-d (sinking output) plc supposedly to be wired to a servo controller. The pulse control method is Pulse/Direction. I've did some manual research on the PLC and found the following diagram attached Untitled. Since the diagram above doesnt show which terminals does it connect to in the CP1H side circled red, I want to ask if those connections belong to the following diagram attached Untitled1? If so, assuming im planning to use only Pulse Output1 (Pulse/Direction method) from the PLC side, is the connection from the first diagram no.1=CCW0- , no.2=CCW1- , no.3=COM (connected to -ve) *Note: these diagrams are from omron's manual SYSMAC CP Series CP1H-X40D_-_ CP1H-XA40D_-_ CP1H-Y20DT-D CP1H CPU Unit Your replies would greatly help. Thanks and best regards, Summer
  8. Closed loop

    Hi All, I'm new to PLC programming and need some help with a project! I have built a indexer for a grinding machine with the following specification....... Stepper servo motor that needs 10000 pules per revaluation. Gearbox with 3.6:1 ratio. 3600 PPR quad encoder fitted to the indexer main shaft 1:1 ratio . Omron CP1H PLC   I need to control the servo closed loop using the 3600 line encoder for feedback. Does any one have any suggestions?????   Thanks Tim
  9. I am playing with sending ASCII string commands back and forth between my CP1H and another device. I learned first how to do it using ladder and now that I'm getting into more advanced stuff (parsing, searching for certain chars, converting to INT, ect) I want to do it in Structured Text because the ladder for this gets hard to follow. My very first experiment (count string length) throws an error at me: It apparent takes exception that I've use the "STRING" data type   But it this works just fine in ladder:   So am I really not allowed to use STRING data type in ST on CP1H or am I doing something wrong?
  10. CP1H Series PLC Tutorial

    Here is a series on the Omron CP1H. It has been written for those who want to become familiar with the Omron PLC and its basic functions. At the end of each web page lesson there is a video. Omron CP1H Series System HardwareCX-ProgrammerEstablish Communication Setting, Forcing and Online Editing Numbering System and AddressingCP1H TimersCounters Data Movement Compare Instructions Data Shift Instructions Math InstructionsData Conversion Program Control Instructions Table Data InstructionsData Control InstructionsAdvancedHMI Communication If you have any questions or need further information, please contact me. Thank you, Garry
  11. Is CP1H with Ethernet option board (CP1W-CIF41) is capable to communicate More than one client? If yes what settings I need to be Done?  
  12. Is anyone interested in being contracted out to finish a PLC project. A little modbus mapping is needed to be finished up and minor changes to the logic are needed Protocol Macro is the the type of modbus were using as well.  and some display function may be needed to be changed for the NS series. 
  13. I have Omron CP1H PLC and using Ethernet Option board to communicate through Ethernet. When I connect PLC to 2 Computer it starts malfunctioning and values in register get fluctuate. while I connect single HMI it works fine. Kindly give solution if anyone know. 
  14. Dear all, I want to use the vb2012 to connect the CP1H. I use the rs232 usb cable to connect the computer and the CP1H, and also use the tool which named "SerialPort" in the vb 2012. The "COM" had been connected, so I think there is something wrong in the command of my program. I have tried many days in this connection, but the cp1h still not give me any feedback.   Did someone have write some simple code to connect the CP1H? If that is possible to let me refer, I will very appreciate you.
  15. I have Omron CP1H PLC with Ethernet Option Board Installed on Slot 1. I want To communicate PLC to SCADA software through Kepserver OPC. But I am Not ABle to communicate with PLC on Kepserver OPC. Anyone Know Solution For This? Architecture is attached for more details.
  16. Hi, I can't add this CP1W AD041 analog module to mi PLC CP1H 
  17. hmi communication

    Will cp1h –x40dr cpu support NB series HMI(NB5QTW01B)
  18. Hi, there, I'm totally new to OMRON PLC, right now I'm using CP1H PLC have two CP1W-CIF01 on it 1st CP1W-CIF01 set as 115200, 7,2,E, Host Link, station 0 connected to Pro-Face HMI 2nd CP1W-CIF01 also set as 115200, 7,2,E, Host Link, station 1, I want to use this COM to talk to my PC that I can run program to monitor the bit and set the bit value. can you guild me how to start this project? thank you very much! Chen
  19. Converting DI to Ascii code

    Dear experts, i'm in learning curve to understanding converting DI to Ascii code. i'm attach here my solution that i'm think should be no problem. may i'm know how to send special symbol plc to printer. communication using modbus TCP. Printer format was: JDU |HEAD1|HEAD2|HEAD3|HEAD4| <CR>  
  20. Hi, i am start a aplication whith modbus for a simple comunication(read/write), some analogic imputs and outputs, whith, AB Micrologix 1500 LSP (1 com port Rs232) and whith a Omron PLC CP1L-L + CIF01 (rs232). I using CP1L like a master, but i try a lot of time and no read/ Write happens, just the recognition of Node (1) and the error code 88, no mather whith Function code i use. I use Modscan32 whith Micrologix 1500 and works fine, com settings are right to, i try 38k, 19,2k, and now 9,2k None stop bit 1, setting on CP1L are in serial Gateway. If i take the cable the reponse memory go to zero, so the communication is happen, just dont in right way. Is possible to use, RS232 whith CP1L, for Modbus communication right ? I already see PCMR code for modbus, but is to complex, for my aplication. No ofense. Someone can help me?
  21. Friends, I have a CP1H 40-xa-dt monitoring and positioning a hydraulic cylinder. The HMI I am using is a NB5Q. As of right now, LVDT position is wired directly to a Parker BD98A servo card which looks for input voltage with respect to the positive and negative terminals to determine output in positive/negative direction. (eg. positive voltage on IN6 vs IN7 provides positive current on OUT1 vs OUT2, positive voltage on IN7 vs IN6 provides positive current on OUT2 vs OUT1). My Issue is that the LVDT only operates in a positive voltage direction. I've wired up a relay to switch the wired terminals as an experiment and it works, but the LVDT voltage goes from a maximum positive to a maximum negative voltage to input terminals and the cylinder slams retracted. I know the CP1H can be scaled -10 to 10vdc on the D/A terminals. Could a SINE function be used so the cylinder will follow sine wave and extend while riding the curve in positive direction and retract once sine wave is below 0 in the negative direction? If this is possible can i control the speed of operation, like using an increment function? The cylinder is only being tested for operation for a certain amount of time to ensure no leaks after rebuild. I am a bit new to this. Regards, Thor