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  1. Hello, I'm fairly new working with OMRON NA5 and I was wondering: Is it posible to load a pdf file in Runtime so I can see it on screen? I know I'm supposed to load the documents in resources but that would be when I'm programming the project in Sysmac Studio before download it to the HMI (see Image_000 attached), but I have no idea regarding how to load files to the root directory while the project is running I mean, is that function avalieable in the NA5? I think I could use its ftp server but I'm not really sure, I'd appreciate if any of you could guide me regarding this issue or if there is an OMRON manual regarding how to access these directories and such.
  2. I am providing a forum to help people with there automation needs. I can answer simple questions using my experience to help people. If you need a turn key control system, no matter what it is please contact me. I have over 200 of my designs in the field now and provide a good documentation package, support and grantee my work. Lots of flexibility here! Lets start by talking and see where it goes? Cell 843 616-2959 Leave a message Mike Webster