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  1. Hi, I'm trying to set up PLC (CJ1G) to control servo motor. I'm using position control unit CJ1W-NC413, servo relay unit XW2B-40J6-2B and smartstep R7D-AP02H servo drive. I'm reading through manuals and feels little overwhelmed with information. Everything is probably there, but it's going to take lot of effort to put it together. Can I found example program somewhere? EDIT: When I put jumper to pin 25 (X axis RUN), motor shaft is locked and motor is holding position, so wiring should be correct. When I try to run a program, I can see that parameters are changing in CX-position, but servo is not moving. Please see attached picture
  2. I am working on my first Omron PLC project and have couple of questions looking at the code. I have to add some functionality to the existing equipment. Basically add date/time setting to start up heating up of furnace so everything is ready for production at 7:00 am Monday:) The PLC is CJ1G CPU45SP, don't have the HMI model though right now. I have noticed that the HMI has dedicated objects for date/time, how would these values be written to the PLC? Do I need to put them into some specific locations? Are there any commands which can be used to subtract few hours from the time entered? For example they can enter that the production will start at 7:00am Monday morning and I know that I need 8 hours to get the temperature right, which means the start up will be at 11:00pm Sunday. Do I have to keep the track of this "manually" or are there instructions which would do it for me? I have also noticed that when I look at their HMI I see that given button will turn bit LR118.3 on, but when I look in the PLC ladder it seems that the actual bit activated will be 1118.03. Can anyone elaborate how those bits are referenced between HMI and PLC? What cable do I use to program this PLC? Seems like Omron type RS232 will work?