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  1. q series plc, cc link communication

    I want to communicate between two cc link master module placed in two separate panels. could any one please tell me the instruction used?
  2. CLKSS 1.0

    Version CLKSS 1.0


    Controller Link Software for Controller Link PCAT Board. Runs in DOS
  3. [Utilities] - CLKSS 1.0

    File Name: CLKSS 1.0 File Submitter: Jay Anthony File Submitted: 20 Nov 2014 File Category: Utilities Controller Link Software for Controller Link PCAT Board. Runs in DOS Click here to download this file
  4. Trying to add points to a QLC link from WDPF to SLC5/04, incorporating a 1770-KF2 DH+ interface module. This link has been in place for years, incorporating only DCS reads (both digital and analog). We recently added several more DCS reads successfully, but cannot seem to get digital or analog DCS writes to be seen by the registers in the SLC5/04 data table. Could this be a limitation by the 1770-KF2 module, or is there a more probable reason? SLC5/04 DH+---------1770-KF2---------QLC Could Duplex settings on the 1770-KF2 module have a bearing on this dysfunction? Successful DCS analog reads PT101, N9:2, A0000 PT102, N9:3, A0002 DP103, N9:4, A0004 Unsuccessful DCS analog writes PV101, N9:18, A0500 PV102, N9:19, A0502 PV103, N9:20, A0504 Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Combine 2 Machines with CC-Link

    I would like to combine two existing machines with CC-Link. Each machine has a QJ61BT11N set up as its Master Station. The larger machine has 26 remote I/O and 4 remote devices. The smaller machine has 1 remote device (see the attachment). Each are already programmed and running. The larger machine has HMIs that I would like add screens to in order to control the smaller machine as well. The smaller machine would basically just need to send and receive a handful of signals... start, stop, manual, origin, e-stop, fire specific outputs, etc. What would be the best way(s) or simplest way(s) to connect and communicate between these machines? I am open to any advice and ideas. Thank you Machine_Addition_Via_CCLINK.bmp
  6. HMI on CC-link network

    Hello, can someone recommend HMI's which can be connected to my cc-link network? or is it better to use a PLC on the cc-link network and attach the HMI to the PLC? I just find the GT16 very expensive and I believe they need CC-link IE? Thanks you.
  7. CC-Link Master

    Good day pals! Can I ask something about the CC-Link Network? I have a concern regarding cross-communicating two CC-Link Masters using MC Works Master PC. Can you guys help me with the system architecture? Thank you very much. Your help will be greatly appreciated pals. Thanks a lot.