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  1. Code performarnce comparsion

    Hello all, this time is my question somehow theoretical, but with high practical impact. Let asume we have simple program and we have to choose way of controling which step will be performed at time. Another asumption would be, that steps are not as simple as those in attached pictures, and that there are actualy few dozens of them. IMO deco version is much cleaner, easier to debug, and from what i have tried, it has lower step count when builded...   my question and point of debate I´ve with my colleague is: Is jump version faster (taking scan time into account) in actual real world PLC?   thank you for your insights
  2. Hello, my question today deals with a particular way of coding in RS Logix 5000. I have two routines ( titled "Gauge" and "Alarm"). where rung 10 in Gauge is the exact same as rung 2 in Alarm. How can I make a change to rung 10 in Gauge and allow the program to automatically make that same change in rung 2 of Alarm? The only reason these two routines have the same rung at 10 and 2 respectively is to make trouble shooting easier whenever an issue arises. So instead of searching through the "Gauge' routine to find out where the fault is, I can easily look at the "Alarm" routine and find out what the problem is. I just want to be able to make changes to the Gauge routine and find someway to allow the program to automatically update the exact same rung in the Alarm Routine. Thanks.