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  1. Panasonic PLC FP2SH

    Hi Guys, I recently received a new project (code is already done but I need to provide support) that runs on a Panasonic FP2SH PLC. I'm new to Panasonic PLCs. I've used Mitsubishi until now. Does anybody have some manuals to help me out. I'm not familiar with FPWINPro6 and from what I can see in the code it's a mixture of ladder, FB and ST. I really want to understand how to navigate through everything and then I will try to understand the code (i'm only familiar with ladder). Thank you guys!
  2. Hello, I'm looking into getting into PLCs, I have worked on things like Arduinos and other electronics. In my line of work I keep coming across PLCs and I think it would be best if I knew more about them. So my friend and I are planning on doing a PLC based project but we are a bit stuck on deciding what PLC brand to purchase. For now we are looking into Automation Direct Productivity2000 series and IDEC MicroSmart Pentra.  We have very little experience with PLCs so the Automation Direct stuff looks tempting but I'm afraid of investing money and time into something that wont translate over to industrial standards (software, logic, etc...) I came across this site while researching PLCs and wanted to ask: With your hindsight and knowledge of the industry, what PLC would you pick for someone that is starting out and wants to a project that will help them gain knowledge of the industry?   Thank you for your time, Hector
  3. Festo PLC

    Hi!  I'm new and was wondering if anyone here has experience on Festo's PLC? I'm looking for recommendations and guides to start using their software. Any help will do. Thanks, Summer
  4. I'm just starting to learn Ladder Logic Programming. I'm using Allen Bradley RSLogix 5000. I've been tasked with developing a 'Simple' Coffee Machine which operates like so: Toggle Push Button to StartDrop Cup (for 10 seconds)Feed Hot Water (for 10 seconds)If required, Add Milk (for 10 seconds)If required, Add Sugar (for 10 seconds)Procedure Complete - Illuminate Complete Light (for 10 seconds)I have implemented everything except the OPTIONAL add Milk & OPTIONAL add Sugar. Options are: To have a Coffee without either Milk or Sugar.Or have a Coffee with Milk and Not Sugar.Or have a Coffee with Sugar & Not Milk.Or have a Coffee with BOTH Sugar & Milk. I'm considering using Toggle Buttons to select / jump to a Subroutine (choosing the required ingredient make-up). But I'm wondering if there is another way to sequentially go through the procedure? Thanks.