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  1. Hello All I am new to Mitsibishi servodrive, i am using a Beckhoff PLC TwinCAT3  and MR-J4-TM servo drive from mitsubishi , i connected the servo to the NTwinCAT using etherCAT. I was able to write a program where i was able to activate the servo from the TwinCAT using the mc_Power instruction . My question is , i am not able to run the servo using the mc_movevelocity and mc_moverelative . Do any one have any suggestion to how to go from here .. datei_Mr-J4-TM_TwinCat_EtherCAT.pdf
  2. I’m working on a project in twincat 3 from Beckhoff in which I made a Global variables list, a function block and a visualisation. When I call the FB in the program I made and add some of the Global variables to this FB, I can’t control them in any way. Nor in the visualisation, nor in my program itself. What do I have to do to make these Global variables work? 
  3. Hi,  I'm new to TwinCAT 2 and i'm upgrading a long time design (hence the TwinCAT 2 reference), to read a more sensitive torque signal.  I'm using a Beckhoff CX1030 as my PLC Controller.  I needed to add 'homing' to my motor sequence and confirmed with Maxon, im using the function blocks correctly and in the correct sequence to establish my 'absolute zero'/'home' position.  The motor has an output to write to:  ControlWord, which tells the motor that the position it is sitting in is '0.'  My program compiles, it runs, it writes each function block, but it's not seeming to get back to the test run opMode, even though i tell it to and the function block performs the 'Write' function.  it's stuck at zero and not reading an analog input signal from my torque sensor.  so im getting an artificial torque reading through every test.   i think this is related to my tare motion.  I start the program, home the motor, get into profile velocity mode, tare my sensor, enter profile position mode, go back to position 0, then back to profile velocity mode, run a test, sample data, go back to 'home' or '0.'  I wonder 1st, is my variable not linked properly through the system manager?  2nd, i set a boolean variable to set the 4th bit to 1 in my control word write (setting the 4th bit high will set my current position to absolute zero), but did i not connect the program to the main sequence properly?  looking to read a valid signal again and see that my motor moves back to 'home' each time.  Do i not need to home the motor after the tare, since the tare nulls out the torque value after the tare? after this i need to program my sample period, instead of it being fixed, as it is currently written and then use my home position as my trigger to start sampling.... Beckhoff applications department is overloaded, currently and can't help and this is all beyond the knowledge of the general support line.  I've gotten fairly far, on my own, but of course, the project is under a time crunch.   Does anyone know twincat well enough to help guide me?
  4. BC9000

    Hi all.... I have bc9000 plc and there are 2 problems I face,the first is when the power is off ,the downloaded program does not remain. the second is how to configure internal register with system manager.  
  5. BeckHoff programming

    Hi to everyone, i'm a junior programmer. My boss told me that i have to study a new plc: BeckHoff. I ask you if somewhere there is a guide about this plc, and about ST language used in this plc. I tried to use the help function on TwinCAT 2, but it doesn't explain lot of things. Before that, i used to program with ladder language, so i don't know nothing about ST. I hope in one of your help. 
  6. AnyViz is probably the easiest way to monitor, operate and analyze your PLC remotely, thanks to the cloud from any location. No need of additional hardware or software licenses. More info at Functions: Real-time process data visualization with just a few clicks Record and analyze machine data easily Targeted Condition Monitoring Remote control - from anywhere in the world Connecting machines, beyond location boundaries Access with any modern browser and any kind of device like notebook or smartphone Have a look at our YouTube Channel to see AnyViz in action.
  7. Beckhoff Control panel testing?

    I am a technician at a large repair facility and we often have Beckhoff control panel displays come in for repair. I'm having trouble using Twincat to set up the buttons on a CPxx to test the buttons and assignable leds. We have a PC running windows XP with the twincat software, a CP9035 pci card to connect the CP to the pc, i can see the PC's display on the CP and also recognize the CP in twincat, just unsure how to map testable functions to the keys on the CP. Hope this all makes sense. Hopefully there is a Twincat guru out there that knows how to do this. Thank you!!
  8. Help Programming a Beckhoff PLC

    I have a very simple problem that I need help with.  I have some programming experience but I am brand new to PLCs and structured text.  I am using TwinCat 3 to program a Beckhoff CX9020.  My goal is to read the temperature from my thermocouple and open or close a valve based on the temperature.  I have successfully connected the PLC to the TwinCat software and I am able to see the value of the thermocouple increase and decrease when I touch it with my fingers.  I need to link that value to a variable in my code so I can have the valve act on it.  I don't know how to properly address the inputs and outputs.  Thank you!
  9. ingineer

    hello. out there. I need som help. I never user Beckhoff Twincat before. but now I have a smal project on Twincat. after two days to undersatnd the Twincat . I still don't understand how to make configure hardware on twincat. som body can help me please or telle me where I can find the doc. thanks
  10. Hello, I am responsible for implementation of Vijeo Citect 7.4 SCADA in my company. I want to connect to Beckhoff PLCs by using Twincat OPC Server. I can control and observe the variables through OPC Control tool, but when I add the device and variables to my Citect aplication, they are always equal zero. I cannot also force through Citect to change the value. I don't know where the problem lies. If you need additional information, please ask me. I will provide you with all the data I have. Thank you in advance. beckhoff_opc.bmp
  11. Beckhoff BC9000 IO error

    Hello, I urgently need some help.  I have a Beckhoff BC9000 PLC which is controlling the lights etc. in my house.  Suddenly, overnight, the PLC isnot working anymore.  BC9000 unit looks like it is functioning, but none of the outputs are working.  I/O Error LED is flashing  8 times very rapidly (I think 8 times, too rapid difficult to count) and after that it blinks 4 times slowly, then stops blinking for some seconds.  According to Twincat PLC control, PLC is in Run mode, but on PLC the I/O run LED is not green.  When I push a light switch, I notice on the PLC that the input is received on the PLC, but according to Twincat PLC Control it is not.   My configuration is: - BC9000 - 7 x KL1408 input slots - 6 x KL2408 output slots - KL9010 end bus terminal   Tried already the following things: - Reboot (unplug/replug power) - reset and reload program on unit - replace KL9010 End bus terminal with another one - ...   Many thanks in advance for your ideas. Regards Fredje  
  12. Hello everybody, I'm new to Beckhoff and I couldn't find the solution yet, I hope someone can enlight me. I need to integrate two distinct and already functional systems: one is working with a Raspberry connected to other devices; the other one is a Bechoff unit getting sensors data. Now I need to get these data captured by the Beckhoff and send them to the Raspberry. Does someone know if I can access these sensors data in a Beckhoffs unit (it's a CX9020, but we can use a EK1100 as well...) by the Raspberry without using any other intermediate device (just the board and the unit)? Thank you!
  13. NEED HELP, TwinCat 3 NCI SlaveAxis

    i am trying to set up dual motors   "master and slave"  on a X axis in TwinCat NCI ,   so far i don some test with "MC_GearIn"   but i keep getting this error       "Error    40    14-05-2016 11:27:39 417 ms | 'TCNC' (500): NC-Ctrl (R0), Cannot configurate axis 4 into group 4 because a slave is coupled or this axis is a slave itself (CoupleState: 1) !!"                when i activate NCI. also i did try using a virtual axis as X and link two slave , but i get the same result :(   anybody knows how to do this ?  
  14. Hello all, I'm new to Beckhoff and running a PLC with EtherCAT I/O slaves. If one of the slaves is disconnected from the network (power loss or network cable broken) the whole PLC freezes, is there a way of configuring ethercat such that it remains (partially) operational, thus showing me the I/O on the unaffected stations.
  15. I am using a Beckhoff windows based controller, with  TwinCAT modular I/O (EL series). I have several problems: 1) Our HMI frequently loses comm. with the PLC. Beckhoff seems to use their own special networking. 2) The PLC ladder language supported is very rudimentary. For example, I had to create my own function block just to do simple analog scaling. 3) Their documentation is pretty bad -- Web based and very hard to find specific information. I would like to replace the Beckhioff controller with a more standard industrial PLC (like Automation Direct Productivity -- I like the programming language and ease of use.) My question is -- how can I use the existing Twincat I/O with AD, for example Modbus TCP. Is there some sort of gateway available for this purpose?
  16. Hello, I am new to the Beckhoff PLC systems and PROFINET. For one of the applications I am trying to connect ETHERCAT module to the PROFINET Controller which is in turm connected to IO modules. I am using the following modules: ETHERCAT coupler EK1100,EL6631 (Controller), EL6631(Device) --> EL6631(Controller)*,EL1008 (Input module) The connection between EL6631(Device) --> EL6631(Controller)* is via Ethernet cable. I am not able to configure the connection in the above mentioned fashion. Please let me know if this is a valid configuration? Is there any simpler way to achive this. And I am using the TwinCAT3 software on my PC.   Thanksk in advance :)
  17. thesis project

    Hello, For my thesis i'm using a beckhoff cx9020,a sunnyboy and a sunnyisland with rs485 communication protocol sma net. One of the things I need to do is to log everything from the sunny devices realtime. and here is where my problem starts. I am using rs485 to communicate with the devices via plc but I don't find any documention for what i need to request or send to get usefull data. does anyone here have an idea? Yours truly Jonas Vanhulle
  18. I am converting a PLC-5-40 processor that also has a SST side car for Profibus Dp communication to BK3100 modules on the equipment. To a Control Logix L-72 processsor using a Molex SST-PB3-CLX card to the Profibus modules. Everything went some what smooth until I got to the SSI transducers in the Profibus. The word arrangement is not coming in the same as with the PLC-5. Is there anybody else that has run into this problem and is there a solution. I have contacted Molex, Balluff and Beckhoff the first 2 got back to me I am still waiting on Beckhoff.
  19. Hi I just given a swanky new laptop at work, which is lovely and everything, but does not have an ethernet port. Unfazed by this, I just got hold of a USB to LAN adapter and got to work. My primary development environment is Beckhoff TwinCAT, and was rather gutted to find there are no real-time ethernet devices on the machine(attached image for reference). I was wondering if there was any adapter that I could use for real-time ethernet device. I am aware of latency issues and this would only be used to test communication and make sure everything talk to each other. Cheers
  20. Hi, We have Beckhoff CPU module CX1020-0113 and two Beckhoff AC servo drives conneted using EL7201 card. I want to run both of the motors simultaneously using TwinCAT 2 PLC Control. Since I want to control the position, so I am using MC_AbsolutePosition function block. The sinusoidal trajectory can be taken as 60*SIN(w*t) /*here t is time. w is angular frequency which is constant*/Below is the snippet from PLC program - Please see below image for System Manager Info - Can somebody tell me how to provide sinusoidal trajectory as position? Please note that both the motors must run simultaneously. - Thanks Ravi
  21. Hi, I am calculating velocity and acceleration from position inside TwinCAT PLC Control V2. All these equations have only one variable which is time. Below is the PLC code- (* We are using the external set point generator functionality *)NewPosition := theta_max*COS(omega*t); (* t is time in second *)NewVelocity := -theta_max*omega*SIN(omega*t);NewAcceleration := -omega*omega*theta_max*COS(omega*t);IF NewVelocity=0 AND NewAcceleration=0 THEN NewDirection := 0; (* stand still *)ELSIF NewVelocity >= 0 THEN NewDirection := 1; (* positive motion *)ELSE NewDirection := -1; (* negative motion *)END_IFt:=t+0.01; (* The task is called at every 10 ms = 0.01sec *)(* feed the dynamic data into the external setpoint generator interface of axis *)MC_ExtSetPointGenFeed( Position := NewPosition, Velocity := NewVelocity, Acceleration := NewAcceleration, Direction := NewDirection, Axis := Joint_2);-------------------------------------------------------------(* Below parameters are defined in Global Variables file *)VAR_GLOBAL CONSTANT theta_max: INT := 60; (* in degree *) omega: REAL := 0.62; (* 2PI/Time Period=10sec *)END_VARThe MATLAB simulation of the above equations gives me following results- But this does not work in real Beckhoff motor. Please suggest.
  22. Beckhoff CX1000 PLC question

    I have a machine with a CX1001-0121 controller in it. I don't have the sourcecode for it. I am able to connect and see and force the outputs. Is there a way to extract the PLC program? Even if it's only contact and coils that would be something.
  23. Hi, I have a problem with my BC9020 and hope that someone can help me. I managed to set the IP adress of my PLC in the 10.2.5... add a root, run a program and make the PLC working for a while. I then tried another program, a new one... and now that I want to re-read the first program, Twincat System Manager doesn't allow me to enter in the "run mode" and stays in "config mode". It also has lost the IP address I set (10.2.5.....) and came back to the 172.16.22... (manufacturer settings) I cannot determine if the problem is in the PLC Control or In System Manager... This is my method to change the IP *** IP config *** 1) Reset the PLC First I place the end terminal next to the PLC. I set the DIP switches 1,6,7 to ON, power on the PLC and power off. I set the DIP switches 2,6,7 to ON, power on the PLC and power off. I set the DIP switches 1,2,6,7 to ON, power on the PLC and power off. 2) Set my PLC on the same AMS than my own IP (172.16.22...1.1) 3) In System Manager, add a new route 4) change the setting in I/O Configuration -> I/O Device -> Device 2(BX9000) -> clic on BX9000 define "set IP Address" to Manual define " IP Address" to 10.2.5...., the AMS change automatically. Press the configuration button and then Ctrl+F4 (run mode) This method worked but seems not to be the best... If you have any Ideas ? or questions? Thank you in advance Gregi
  24. Hello, Im trying to configure a CANOpen master klemme (EL6751) to communicate with a device (Jetter JXM-IO-E09-G07-K00) in the System Manager, I have several problems, and the communication doesn't work, I explain what i did step by step. First of all the JXM works perfectly with a jetter controller, and i have traced the messages, therefore i could understand that the controller in this case sends constantly RTR request for each object and the JXM replies without any problem. I also tested some SDO commands, and seemed to work This time i need to work with a CX8090 Controller attached to a EL6751, that's why I need to configure this now. - After scanning the devices connected, and having the EL6751 recognized, i attempted to add the CanOpen slave also scanning. The process cannot find any CanOpen Device online. - I add the CanOpen device with "Append Box" and I use the EDS file provided by the supplier and the result is not good. Some SDO read/write failed. So i decide to add the device manually. - I use again the "append Box" option, and configure manually the ID, every TXPDO and RXPDO and Parameters NOTE: My CANopen device send constantly a heartbeat and the values only under request => Trans. Type for every PDO: 253. For this I set manually the inhibit and event times. - I uncheck "Automatic adjust PDO COB Ids" and "Automatic PDO Parameter Download". Also, under advanced configuration i disable the object 0x1000 and 0x1006, since the reply never matched to expected values. After doing all this configurations, and activate them, my CanOpen bus stops responding. the LED Code is - Run Led: blink 2 hz - Err led: ON - The system manager is showing much more errors which i show attached in a file. I also include the sys manager file and the EDS file from the supplier Any hint would be of great help JXM-IO-E09_HCN_V0_4.eds.txt