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  1. Hi, everyone! I need to connect Modicon M238 (TM238LFDC24DT) with Magelis HMIGXO3501. I was not able to find any programming guide for this family of HMI's, so I kindly ask for a link, or maybe a PDF copy, For now, my problem is that I have SoMachine v4.1 with Vijeo Designer 6.2 installed, and the GXO family is not displayed in the configuration catalog.
  2. Hi people, I'm kind of a newbie with this things and i'm looking for some hints. All the help is welcome. I have a Magelis HMISTU855 and i'm trying to connect it to a S7-200 PLC via a XBT ZG929 MPI-Bus adapter. To do that i have a stripped RJ45 cable to whom i need know how to make the wire connection in a D9 connector, in order to match the pinout of the MPI-Bus adapter. How should i connect the wires from the RJ45 cable to the D9 connector? PS: the RJ45 is plugged into the COM1 port of the Magelis Thank you in advance, Boardwalk.