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  1. EN2T/D, DNB/E, Devicenet Issues

    Issue suddenly began about 3 weeks ago...or I noticed it anyway. I opened devicenet to change a parameter in a drive but all nodes have a question mark on them and RSNetworks will not register them no matter what I do. I checked RSLinx and I see question marks on The DNB/E modules and on the EN2T/D modules. I made sure I had the eds files and AOI's for these modules but nothing changes. I have uninstalled Networx and changed versions several times but it comes up the same way. I am using RSLinx version 4.10 and now have RSNetworx version 28. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. Controllogix 1756-OF8 Wiring help

    Hello everyone!  I am having some issues with the internal wiring/wiring of the 1756-OF8 analog output card in my Controllogix L55 controller. I have just recently started using  Allen bradley products, so please bear with me. If my memory serves me correctly, in my past experiences with other plc vendors I thought I was required to provide 24vdc+ from the power supply, which is common to all the channels used for driving the analog out(4-20ma) to the field device being controlled. But I can find any documentation from Allen Bradley that supports this. Can anyone shed some light on how to connect the power supply to the OF-8 card.   Thank you!! Shane
  3. Hello,  I am migrating a PLC-5 to Control Logix.   Due to location etc, we need to keep the existing 845D-SHHZ25AGCW4 Encoders.  (256 counts, single turn 24vdc NPN open Collector.) I tried to use a 1756-Ib16IF, but I toasted my spare encoder.  (Have to get another one). My question is has anyone ever done this since the 1771-DL is not made in CLX form factor.   Also, what Module did you use if you did try this and if you have a wiring diagram,  would be great!  (I cannot afford another fried encoder) Thanks! Dan
  4. DeviceNet

    I have enjoyed reading the posts on this site for some time now, and I am hoping that someone on here would be able to help me out with a problem. We have a small DeviceNet network consisting of a 1756-DNB (node00), two Wago scanners (nodes 03, and 04) and two identical MTS position transducers (nodes 02, and 05). The DNB card is in a rack along with a ControlLogix L71 controller. We have been experiencing random device net error alarms lately where a node would stop communicating and we would power down the system and reboot. The errors would then go away. The other day I decided to use the Networx for DeviceNet to find out what was going on when one of these errors popped up. I found that the device on node 05 was not present on the network. Since we had a spare identical sensor I decided I would address the sensor as node 05 and configure it using a spare DNB card and chassis we have. All went well until I installed the spare sensor into the system. At that point we had alarms pertaining to most of the device net devices. Scanning the network with the Networks software showed no device problems, all were present and communicating, but I could not get the alarms to reset. We tried rebooting the network, the sensor, and even the entire system with no luck. It wasn’t until I reinstalled the old sensor that we were able to get the alarms to clear. Since I have rambled on long enough I won’t bore you with the rest of the trip down this rabbit hole I went down, but what did I do wrong when trying to change this sensor? Is there a specific sequence of events that need to take place when replacing one, even if the sensors are identical?  I am stumped, and we still have the potential of one of these sensors failing without having a clear idea about how to go about changing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
  5. I’m a software engineer who works with our PLC team, so please bear with me!    We log data from the PLC into our ERP application.  The PLC team provides an L5X file which my application parses for tag names, we then choose individual tags to poll within our user interface.  The application automatically generates the Eweb XML view for the chosen tags, the point here is that it doesn’t require any PLC programming.   This works great for polled data like temperatures read every 5 minutes via Eweb, but it doesn’t work for event-driven data like alarms or detecting state change for a tag. I’m looking for a way for my application to register (subscribe) as a listener for an event without requiring PLC programming for each additional event we want to observe. Upon state change the PLC or middleware just needs to send some type of outbound message, for example, post via http (rest), connect to a socket server or send a message via MQTT within a couple of seconds... We have 8 Eweb cards, all 1756 series controllers at multiple locations and we currently poll them from a central server, so the hardware overhead is minimal.  Is there some functionalized code/ladder logic that could act as a standard event listener within the PLC controller?  For instance, could my application write tags I’d like to monitor to a string array via eweb write, then have some standard PLC code iterate through the array looking for changes in the underlying tags?  Since we’ve got polling working so well, we’d like to avoid a separate device / local middleware server just for events, but perhaps its required? All recommendations welcome as I don’t think I have a grasp of what’s possible or practical!
  6. We are trying to use 1492-AIFM8S-3 module with 1756-IF8I module. RA has a technical post "728767 - Wiring system solutions for 1756-IF8I, 1756-IF8IH, 1756-OF8I and 1756-OF8IH IO modules" showing you will need a 1492-ACABLE*YD part number to connect the AIFM8S-3 to IF8I for internal loop powered devices, and a 1492-ACABLE*YA to connect the AIFM8S-3 to IF8I for external powered devices.  I.e., according to 728767 you CANNOT mix external powered device with internal loop powered device onto the same IF8I when 1492-AIFM8S-3 is used, you have to assign them to different IF8I modules and use the YD and YA cables accordingly.  I don't understand why that is necessary. In my understanding, external powered and internal powered devices can be mixed on IF8I, either YD or YA can be selected in conjunction with AIFM8S-3. A supporting clue would be page 215 of 1756-UM540E-EN-P, in there the manual shows for IF8I current type of wiring, YA cable is the only option you will need. Compare the 41171-192 and the 41171-199 wiring diagram in the 728767 and draw your own conclusion. (BTW, there is an error on 41171-192, pin 30 and 29 on IF8I are reversed). There seems to be a discrepancy between the 728767 and the 1756-UM540E-EN-P, doesn't it? Could any guru explain to me which one of them is more true? Many thanks in advance. page 215 1756-UM540E-EN-P.pdf 728767 - Wiring system solutions for 1756-IF8I, 1756-IF8IH, 1756-OF8I and 1756-OF8IH IO modules.pdf
  7. I'm building a program from scratch for the first time in awhile and I'm noticing after adding an OA16 card that I have 32 bits of output data and the data type is a DINT.  I'm using version 30 now and when I open some of my older programs in ver.15 I notice those 16 bit cards are SINT and only have 16 bits of output data as I'd expect.  What gives, why am I seeing 32 bits for this 16 bit card?
  8. Good afternoon Mr.PLC forum members.   We recently had a fuse blow on the wiring between a 1756-OF6CI analog out card and a control valve (which we have no feedback for - only the 0-100% output). Took a little longer to troubleshoot since we have no feedback and we also don't monitor individual channel status of the card. For input cards (1756-IF8H or IF16H), it's easy enough to use the under-range/over-range or broken wire signal to troubleshoot a blown fuse or bad connection, and activate an alarm. I have been told by our local consultant-technician that there is an equivalent monitoring bit for output cards. Reading the instruction manual for the 1756-I/O cards, the fault channel bits do not seem to have this type of function for the 1756-OF6CI. The fault bits only seem to look at the requested output values, and at the connection between card and PLC itself as far as I can tell.  Am I missing something?   thanks for your help
  9. Hi, I have encountered an unexpected "PRI" LED indication of 1756-RM Series B module. When the affected redundancy module is set to primary, the status of the "PRI" LED indicator is blinking red. On the other hand, it is set to a solid red when the RM is set as secondary. I have read the manual and there are only two expected behavior for the "PRI" LED indicator, green if it is set as the primary and off if it is secondary. Does someone encountered this scenario already?   P.S. The RM does not have any minor/major faults when accessed. The status indicator indicates "PRIM" when the affected module is set as primary and "SYNC" when set as secondary. Manual switchover between controllers are done and was successful. Thanks in advance! Regards, RIValencia
  10. Good afternoon fellow members,I once again ask for your help to know if any of you have struggled with similar issues. For the past year and a half, Every 1-2 months we seem to be losing communication with one of our PLC's/racks. We have in the rack a 1756-EN2T card (revision 3.006) that will flash as if it is communicating and status OK (green LED), yet we will be unable to ping it and our operator interfaces go into error. We could also not open the web browser page of the EN2T card, nor connect to the PLC/rack through RSLogix5000. As this happened over the weekend, the local electrician was called and he tried cycling power to the rack and there was no change after it came back on (not sure how long he left power off to the rack though). The problem seemed to be fixed after we told him to pull the EN2T card out of its slot and then re-insert it.We verified the CIP cinnections for this card and it is around 98 to 101 CIP connections out of a max of 248, so not too high. the card's CPU usage is 24-29%, so no indication of problems there. EN2T Card is set to auto-negociate, just like all the other cards we use at all of our plants. Has anyone ever experienced a similar problem?Thank you in advance for all your help and knowledge-sharing!
  11. We have a contract to refurbish/upgrade a filling/bottling machine. We have the machine but not its control panel or PLC. We've built a new control panel based on the original drawings. We've changed the obsolete 1756-MVI/A serial comms modules to ProSoft MVI56E-MCM modules. These two comms modules are to talk to sixteen (16) Endress & Hauser Promass 63MT08-WOW00A9092B mass flow meters - each module talks to 8 of the 16 meters on separate RS-485 networks. My problem at the moment is that there seems to be no way of knowing the port configuration parameters (i.e. baud rate, data bits, stop bits, parity etc.) without having the original 1756-MVI modules. I should add that these meters are 'blind' with no built-in keypad or display for programming or querying the program. I've approached E&H in the hope that they would have a method of extracting the configuration from the meters but they are saying that the meters are so old that all their expertise and equipment for performing such a task is no longer around. I'm going to attempt to track down the original equipment manufacturer in the hope that they may have kept records. Other than connecting up to a meter and trying multiple combinations of settings in the hope that we hit on the right one, does anyone have any ideas on how we can make progress with this? Also, the meters use what appears to be E&H's proprietory Rackbus protocol. The original 1756-MVI modules could talk to them (presumably!). Any ideas if the new ProSoft modules will be able to?
  12. fault of 1756- IF16

    I have1756-16F & 1756-IF16H analog input module connected to my contrologics 5572 controller. there is only single sensor connected few days ago & it the channel where sensor is connected was showing data without any channel fault but others were showing channel fault even if now sensors are connected & no data is coming ...checked with mA source then in 1756- IF16 the channel 0 to channel 8 (total 9) channels are showing data in the system & The 1756-16H hart card is not showing any data for new sensor it is also showing channel fault.It is even not showing any reading when connected to mA source.I have checked wiring it is as per single ended configuration & in module properties I have selected the same.How should I clear this fault ? What was the reason behind it...Dear friends plz give your valuable suggessions.   The ScreenShots of the raw data & channel status are attached here please see
  13. I have1756-16F & 1756-IF16H analog input module connected to my contrologics 5572 controller. there is only single sensor connected few days ago & it the channel where sensor is connected was showing data without any channel fault but others were showing channel fault even if now sensors are connected & no data is coming ...checked with mA source then in 1756- IF16 the channel 0 to channel 8 (total 9) channels are showing data in the system & The 1756-16H hart card is not showing any data for new sensor it is also showing channel fault.It is even not showing any reading when connected to mA source.I have checked wiring it is as per single ended configuration & in module properties I have selected the same.How should I clear this fault ? What was the reason behind it...Dear friends plz give your valuable suggessions.   The ScreenShots of the raw data & channel status are attached here please see
  14. Dear All I'm facing a problem with Allen Bradley PLC System. We are using a redundant I/O and redundant controller configuration of Allen Bradley ControlLogix 5000 series. In one of the AI card, on channel 0, following configuration is made: Input type: 0 to 5V High Range: 5V High EU: 20,000 Low Range: 1V Low EU: 4000 There is a gas detector connected to this channel which is supplying 4-20mA. What I observe is that when we simulate this channel using our mA calibrator, the raw counts does not increase more than 10,000. Why it is happening? Why the raw counts are not going upto 20,000 as configured in the channel configuration. Any help will be appreciated.  
  15. Hello to all! Kindly provide me 1-Download link for RS logix 5000 v7.2 .i have a program which is designed in old version of Rs logix 5000 and i m unable to open it on v20.0 2- ControlLogix 5550 1756-L1 controller Serial Cable pinout [plc to pc]-Programming cable Thanks
  16. Dear, I'm trying to set the Analog 1756-of8h output module, in addition to 4-20mA signal to the positioner, receive reading position feedback via Hart. Has anyone done this procedure? You could give me step by step how to do?
  17. I have an application I am currently working on where I have a single AB ControlLogix PLC that needs to read data from 12+ Omron CJ2M PLCs.  The Omron PLCs don't need to read any data from the AB.   I have tried several things including the generic .eds file from Omron and the instructions in the document I found on this site:  Omron CJ2 to Rockwell ControlLogix Ethernet/IP Datalink.  The generic .eds file gave me a D6 error on the Omron side and after talking to support it does not seem like the correct path.   When I tried following the instructions for the datalink I ran into several issues.  The first issue was that after configuring my network in the Omron software upon trying to load it I got a unit mismatch message for the 1756-EN2T, the .eds file I have is for a 1765-EN2T but the card shows as a 1756-EN2T/D, so I am concerned that could cause an issue...that being said I can't find any .eds file specifically for the /D revision.  The next thing I noticed was that there doesn't seem to be be a way to link the produced data from the Omron to the AB, the Omron configuration software with the AB .eds files loaded only gave me the option to send data to the Omron which we do not need to do.  I created a generic Ethernet module in my RSLogix program for the Omron PLC and then created a consumed tag and linked that to the module but I do not see where I set up the link on the Omron side for that, so how does it know what addresses to read?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thank you!
  18. PAROCK1 for HMI/SCADA View File Now a software solution is available for your Modbus (MB) needs in Rockwell/Allen-Bradley Control Logix or Compact Logix (Clgx) family processors, instead of a traditional 3rd party hardware like Prosoft MVI-56, Molex SST-SR4-CLX-RLL etc.  It is an Add-on instruction (AOI) for PLC/PAC firmware v16 or later, (other solutions are available for pre v16 systems).  For hardware interface, use PLC’s channel 0 (serial) or TCP/IP Interface module(s) to have as many MB TCP/IP devices or serial devices.  (Some limits apply based on system configurations, Comm. settings depending on HW used.) Connect any MB Client/Master or Server/Slave device(s) to your CLgx PLC, including flow computers, analyzers, VFDs, Power Monitors, Level gauges, Smart I/O, etc.  All the MB public/native function codes are supported.  32-Bit integers/floats as single entity are supported with byte and word level swapping. A separate utility automates the data mapping to your PLC logic.  Features -Serial Master (BASIC required Option); TCP; Slave; Redundancy; More than 5000 accumulative registers; MB CFC (Custom/Private Function Code) Support; Data mapping too – Between PAROCK1 & your PLC logic; Packaged with Rockwell; TCP/IP Interface Module; Volume Discounts; Annual Support Requirements -Rockwell/AB-CLgx processor with v16 or later.  Contact PCI for earlier versions. -If using CPU’s Chan0, you cannot use Chan0 for any other user mode activity. You can use it for non-user mode activities -TCP/IP Interface Modules from Rockwell/AB supported, are: -1756-EN2xx ControlLogix® Ethernet/IP communication modules, firmware revision 5.007 or later -1756-EWEB ControlLogix Ethernet/IP web server module, firmware revision 4.006 or later -1768-EWEB CompactLogix Ethernet/IP web server module, firmware revision 1.002 or later -1769-L30ER, 1769-L30ERM, 1769-L30ER-NSE, 1769-L33ER, 1769-L33ERM, and 1769-L36ERM CompactLogix controllers, firmware revision 20.011 or later -1769-L24ER-QB1B, 1769-L24ER-QBFC1B, 1769-L27ERM-QBFC1B CompactLogix controllers, firmware revision 20.011 or later -1769-L16ER, 1769-L18ER, 1769-L18ERM CompactLogix controllers, firmware revision 20.011 or later Other Related Services/Items -Custom PLC Add-on instructions building -PLC upgrades, troubleshooting, applications -PC Windows, iOS5, Linux, Mobile devices Comm. Drivers -Custom development, Technology Transfer Services  -Other Non-AB communication drivers for serial or TCP  -Full control system integration, training, architecture design This driver can be conviniently used with Visual Studio in development of complete large scale complex HMI/SCADA Systems. It can be used to perform advanced reporting MES, analytics, IoT, Big data type apps. One example is available to download here For More Info Overview of Parijat Drivers: Click here  Additional supporting Info about Parijat Drivers:Click here Complete Related Driver options: Click here     Submitter Scadadoctor Submitted 03/10/16 Category Other PLC Demo Software
  19. Hi, I have a system which was not used for few years and now planning to use it/commission it. It is a Control logix platform, 1756-L61 ControlLogix 5561 rev 13.25. The battery fault is ON . As per AB literature 1756-L61 SERIES "A" should use battery 1756-BA1 and SERIES "B" should use battery 1756-BA2 if not then CPU could be affected. Could anyone pls advise how to find out the series of a CPU, i could find only the above information from controller properties. Thanks
  20. *** SOLVED*** When opening a source or trying to connect to a 1756-L61 I get the following error: failed to open file..... Support for the 1756-L61 controller is not installed. All EDT files for it seem to be installed and I have no idea what else I need. Does anyone here know?
  21. Hi All, I newbie in allen bradley usage. I am trying to configure 1756-SYNCH profile in RSLOGIX V21. According to help of "Associated Axes" tab, Axis 0 can support AXIS_SERVO, AXIS_SERVO_DRIVE, AXIS_CONSUMED, or AXIS_VIRTUAL. To cross verify, I have added AXIS_CONSUMED in my project but AXIS_CONSUMED tag is not showing in axis 0 choice selection. Can you guys please help me why AXIS_CONSUMED is not showing in choice selection of axis 0 and axis 1.
  22. I'm new arround here so first of all greetings to all and apologies for my English. I tell you the case: I have a machine that has an Allen Bradley PLC 1756-L1 (yes, it's already a bit old) communicating with another plc, a B&R 2003, through the serial port. I wanted to download the program from AB. I open RS-Linx, I create a DF-1 driver and then click on autoconfigure. At this point I get an error saying RS-Linx can't find the communication parameters. I tried to connect with two other cpus 1756-L1 that I have (these are new so they don't have program) and the RS-Linx locates them perfectly. I guess the ab cpu has its serial port configured as USER to communicate with the B&R plc (or something similar), so my question is if there is a way to connect to this cpu through the serial port (such as putting the serial port in default mode without deleting the program) or the only option left is to find an ethernet card to connect to the cpu. Thank you very much for any answer because I've searched a lot and I don't find any information about this.