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  1. Warehouse ethernet cable

    thank you both i got round to installing it at the end of last week, used standard 5e and a couple of switches on either side of the workshop, its working great
  2. Controlling mx2 inverter without modbus

    just to update this i didnt give up completly but on dsicovering that i would need to buy another part i thought i might as well go with modbus, the only reason i wanted to do it without was because i didnt have the part vailable at the time
  3. mx2 control with modbus

    for anyone who finds this in the future, it eventually worked, i think it was clearing the settings which got it working in the end
  4. Scu41 pin layout

    good news, thanks
  5. Scu41 pin layout

    Can someone tell me if I'm being an idiot please, I can't tell from the pictures in manuals whether the pinout is for male or female connector. Is the picture right? For an scu41 this is for rs422 modbus, its connected to port 1, just need to know which way round the wires should be
  6. NB designer "layering" screens

    i did notice the function key for this purpose but i want it to also auto close itself when the error is no longer present, i couldnt find a way of plc controlling the function key  
  7. is there a way of stacking screens in NB designer? ive asked question similar in the cx programmer forum but it might be better asked here. for instance if i have a program that displays an error screen when lets say the motor is overloaded but then the air pressure is also  cut off so that screen then pops up, we currently have a system that states when there are no errors to display the main screen with a DIFU command. however this system doesnt work very well if multiple problems occur it will only display the most recent one and when that is fixed the screen will not change. is there a way to make screens "overlap" and be able to close them individually or just any methods you have used that might be better at controlling the screen for this sort of application? thanks anyone who can help
  8. Hi all ive been trying to figure out if theres a way to close pop up screens from the plc when the machine i have get an error of some kind a pop up screen appears on the HMI(NB3Q-TW01B), i currently have it so that if all errors on the machine are resolved it returns to the main menu which was fine until i added a couple of new errors where them being resolved might take someone out of a screen they are working on. so a close screen function for each individual error would work alot better but im not too sure how to go about it. thanks to anyone who can help
  9. mx2 control with modbus

    just to add to this, ive been on the phone with omron for a long time changed the scanlist to #2 but still no luck, the person at omron had a go with my code with no luck until he changed the data area to W however when i applied this still no luck
  10. mx2 control with modbus

    getting back on it this morning, i just set the error FB locations up and im constantly getting a busy flag
  11. mx2 control with modbus

    Hi all im back to trying to get my inverter to work but this time with modbus, from this post and im stumped, im sure its just one thing somewhere messing it up i have a cp1l-el20 with a cp1w-cif11 and a 3g3mx2 inverter and am attempting to control it via modbus, it is wired up as follows, sp+ to RDB+, sn- to RDA-, common to the plc pin and plc output pin 100.00 to logic input 1. im using 100.00 to put it into run mode the paremeters ive put in are a1=3,a2=1, a4=50, c070=3, c071=5,c072=1, c074=00, c075=1, b27=1. im using MOV to set my speed to d1001 attached is my inv002_refresh x31 fb thanks to any1 who can see my silly mistake    
  12. Warehouse ethernet cable

    just to add another thought, do i need routers to do this job or will switches be ok? from what im reading i think so but im not that sure
  13. Controlling mx2 inverter without modbus

    dang, i guess i'll have to come back to this another time then with another method of communication, thanks for the help
  14. Hi all, after my complaing about my lack of network access in the workshop ive been tasked with fixing this so ive have some general questions about networking and concerning Ewons so this network will be used for connecting ewons to test products as well as general computer access the plan is to have 7 computer access points as well as 2 points to connect to product lines for testing my intial thoughts were to run 2 cables from our network to 2 routers, 4 computer access points and one line testing connection on 1 and 3 computer access points and one line testing connection on the other so first question is what type of ethernet cable should i use? i assume cat5 is fine, is it worth going for cat6 or is it just a waste of money? and should i be running crossover cable or straight through? do i need any specific routers or will anything do? will i be able to add splitters later down the line and be fine? or should i future proof a bit with more robust routers? my years of avoiding networking at uni has come back to haunt me i know the basics but thats all really thanks to anyone who can offer some usefull information i mention the Ewon units because ive been told that they need to be the only one on their connection to the network, although i dont know how true this is  
  15. Controlling mx2 inverter without modbus

    hmm i thought i had got it set up correctly this time but no luck, so i followed your advice and connected pin 1.00 to the RP pin and set up the parameters on the mx2 as follows a001=06 pulse train freq a002=02 so it can be operated by run button for now p003=00 p004=00 i don't need to earth pin L right as its only for analog inputs? heres the small plc code i made to control the frequency, which from what i can tell works fine, i can see the pulse train light on the plc flickering accordingly im sure im missing something simple but i cant see it thanks for the help so far