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  1. Mitsubishi L02CPU-P Ethernet not responding

    I am starting to understand at least one MC-protocol or MELSEC "module" hast to be installed/activated on the PLC to enable communication. When I query the PLC with the magic "Detect Now" button in the GX Works "Ethernet Configuration (Built-in Ethernet Port)" In the "Host Station" column of the module list there is only one item "Module With No Profile Found" with Protocol UDP.   What Ethernet software module should I add to the PLC config for PLC to respond to MELSEC commands? How do I write the added setting back to the PLC without affecting anything else?   Solution: Enabling the MELSEC protocol At lest this forum can be used as a cloud storage for documentation answering my own questions: Dear Flodis, maybe you can find useful information in the MELSEC-L CPU Module User's Manual (Built-In Ethernet Function) - Page 38?
  2. Reading the MELSEC protocol manual mentioning "points". Manual page 40: MELSEC-L CPU Module User's Manual (Built-In Ethernet Function) Is this a specific PLC distinction having some extra meaning or does it simply mean "bit"
  3. We have an application using a Mitsubishi L02CPU-P with a built in ethernet module. At one time the TCP/IP interface became irresponsive and a hard reset was required. The device is configured for binary communication and works fine using a GOT therminal and also operates fine when queried from a GX Works application. During debugging of a custom MELSEC application the TCP/IP interface stopped responding and could no longer be located using GX Works and the GOT terminal also lost contact. The L02CPU-P continued running the control application, but could no longer be contacted. The only way to recover was using the L02CPU-P reset button. I have heard developers being restrictive using the TCP/IP interface remotely over VPN and unstable connection due to the risk of hanging the device and not being able to recover without a personal visit to the device. Any experience from L02CPU-P devices requiring hard reset to come "online" again? Or does it enter some default state due to some internal exception handling?