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  1. GOT 2000 scripting?

    Thank You for the answer. What actually means "similar to C", something from C works, something doesn't? Last year I was asked to write a script for GOT1000. But, because of lack of knowledge how to do it (I could not find much in manuals and forums about GOT scripting) decision was made to migrate to Beijer  iX HMI, where scripting supported much better and You can get extra help from any C# forum.  
  2. GOT 2000 scripting?

    Sorry, which language is used for scripting in GOT2000? I remember,  a language similar to C was mentioned in GOT1000 manuals. Is it still the same?
  3. Dear colleagues, I need to reset values in a range of registers (for example from %MW100 to %MW599) in the Unity Pro. How can I do it with one command? Regards, Waldemar  
  4. Do You use HMI in Your project? If yes, it may be easier to get ModbusTCP communication through HMI Ethernet port.
  5. Thank You cHud for the answer. Is it possible to tell HMI to look for the text file in SD card (not in internal memory)? It would allow to modify the test procedure  without need to change HMI program. What, actually,  the SD card can be used for in the HMIG3U?
  6. Hi my dear colleagues, I tried to configure data location for the text file used with text display. It works if loaded to main drive. But, if I point to secondary or optional drive the system doesn't even allow me to download the program to HMI. Error 1850..secondary drive not found. I noticed in the property inspector, that the windows for Secondary and Optional drive are grey. The Vijeo Designer V6.2 and HMIG3U with three USB ports (one mini and 2 usual) and one SD port are used.  May be, they are all disabled somewhere, with a hardware switch? But, even if the windows were active, I have no idea, what to put into them, to configure SD or USB as secondary or optional drive. Please, help. regards, Waldemar
  7. Hi cHud, thank You for Your help. It is a program for machinery self testing. Each message relates to certain step number and informs operator what to do. If it works with 255 steps I can divide the process. But, may be, it is possible assign the text value with a script?
  8. Hi, I am new to Vijeo. The task is to show different messages on HMI screen (I use Vijeo designer V6.2.5 and Magelis HMIG3U).  A new string variable "ToDoTxt" was created as an Array with dimension 2048. A StringDisplay was put on the screen and ToDoTxt[0] was chosen. How can I show other 2047 values, which depend on value of another integer variable "StepNumber"?
  9. Thank You Garry. I used Modbus TCP before. Where in the Unity Pro do I have to set something to choose Modbus TCP or Ethernet IP? Is it in Communication>Networks>Add Network..?
  10. Hi Garry, thank You for the answer. How would You recommend to configure communication between M580 and  HMIG3U ? What is the easiest way? regards, Wal
  11. What is the benefit of using Structured programming?

    I am not sure, that this is specific to Mitsubishi. Does anybody compared other  PLC performance running structured versus traditional? I don't remember such reports. Generally, the idea of structured programming is good. But, in reality, the big PLC manufacturers have no interest in investing money for improving their tools for structured programming. Most programmers use ladder anyway, because it is simple and works fine. Why should managers hire engineers and spend extra money? Will income increase? I compared Mitsubishi FX and found that the ladder program perform better. It is possible that with Mitsubishi Q or L result will be different. It depends on compiler.  Generally, the problem is that the hardware is not standardized. The automation market is badly segmented and investment in the software standardization does not make profit.  
  12. Hi, I am new in Unity Pro and trying to make connection between PLC (Modicon M580) and HMI (Magelis HMIG3U) over Ethernet cable. Question:  What is meaning of 0.0 : EIO : CommHeadDIOL2 (look the picture attached)? Which IP address does it define and what for?
  13. What is the benefit of using Structured programming?

    Dear Inntele, thank You for the response. Please, explain, what everything? Do You mean, if structured programming would be chosen, the PLC will run quicker and demand less resources?