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  1. Dear all, I'am using IX in combination with a Beier X7 Pro panel. There are some valves on the HMI witch can be adjusted by the operators. The can press the valve symbol and the settings appear as a popup on the screen. Sadly with a blue window border in top of it. I'am aware of a script that get rid of the border. I wrote the code in it, but no matter what i do, this border won't dissapear.  I poke around with picture and canvas settings, no results either. My laptop is using Windows 10. IX Dev= version 2.4 SP1 What can i do?
  2. Read PLC always in Ladder? + Hardware question

    Hi Thiago, Thank you for your answers. Very nice, thank you. I did a modification in a SFC programm and wrote it to the plc. In the parameters there where no intelligent modules configured. the program is written to use those modules. For learning purposes i red the plc, and the whole program was converted in ladder. I have my 2 modules that where installed. This i noticed in my parameter settings. Now, With writing to the SFC programm to the plc i was hoping that the plc now his hardware and i do not need to configure the intelli. modules. I hope you understand it.  
  3. What are programm settings in GXwork2

    Hi Gambit, I'am aware of the E-learning documents @ Mitshubishi. Unfortunaly, i can't find documents, with explaining the 'program settings' do. Perhaps i overlooked something? If you have information on that, please, be my guest.
  4. Hello all, Iám fairly new to Mitsubishi. I have a Q-Cpu, PLC with a program that was written in SFC. Now, with a blank GXWork2 environment, you can read the PLC, but that is always in ladder. Why is this? Do i overlook something? Also, The rack is configured with two analogue cards, and some i/o. When i do a 'read' command i suspect that the i/o configuration is also red, meaning that it's clear what hardware is in the rack and that the 'module' section in GX2 is filled with the appropriate hardware data. This is not the case.  Why is this? Thanks for help.  
  5. Gx Works2 Q68DAIN Setup

    Hi, You can check Youtube for some video's.  
  6. What are programm settings in GXwork2

    Hi Andrew, This is some great help. Thank you.  
  7. Hello all, Recently i started to learn GX2Work2. I wonder what the program settings will do? I have some flavours to choose, like initial, scan etc. Is there a manual where i can find how this works, or is here someone who can help me. Many thanks,