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  1. Best Practice Rack 0

    This is not a Burner Management System (I just happened to see BMS' set up like this); however, my application does have redundant controllers, I've consulted Rockwell and have found "In a redundancy system, you can use only I/O modules in a remote chassis. You cannot use I/O modules in the redundant chassis pair. This table describes differences in network use for I/O in redundancy systems." Thank you everyone.
  2. Best Practice Rack 0

    Is there any reason not to have input and output modules on the same rack as the processor and Ethernet cards? We have RIO’s and sometimes have networking outages, I want to move critical IO to Rack0 the same rack as the processor, is this bad practice?  I've seen architecture for BMS that only have Ethernet cards and processors in Rack 0...