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  1. Mitsubishi PLC ERROR

    Dear KongFah, By the information you gave, it seems that your PLC is facing intermittent hardware problems.  When the FX2N ERROR LED is lit solid it is likely to be internal hardware problem or watchdog timer - WDT - error (when the software is trapped somewhere in its execution). If the machine is operating already for a long time and nobody touched the PLC program, the is a low probability that it is related to PLC program issue that is causing WDT error. Another thing that points towards a hardware problem is the message in the HMI: it seems that your HMI is losing communication with PLC at some point. This may happen because the PLC hardware is failing to respond to HMI serial communication. This "Utility Menu" in HMI is an internal HMI screen like the Control Panel in Windows. Depending on the HMI model it may be accessed by pressing and holding the upper left corner (or the two superior corners at the same time) of the touch screen for some seconds - this is the factory setting. If this procedure doesn't work, it may be that who programmed the HMI changed or disabled the settings for accessing the Utility Menu. Nevertheless, I recommend to check if the 24V PLC internal power supply is being used to supply power to sensors etc and, if so, check if is there any intermittent short circuit that may cause PLC to go down. In negative case, consider replacing your PLC by a newer model such as FX3U or FX5U (because FX2N is not produced anymore). Regards, Thiago
  2. MX OPC

    SolidRio, I've been talking to some people here about your question and both MX OPC UA and DA have this limitation: tops 10 PLCs and 100,000 tags per MX OPC instance. According to Mitsubishi, if you need more than 10 PLCs or 100k tags, you will need to have two MX OPC server running in two separate PCs. Thiago

    Ctor, As further as I know there isn't such a way to "loopback" SLMP or other commands. What kind of commands you're intending to use? (Maybe there is another way to do it...) Thiago
  4. Conversion from A to Q

    Hi, Here it is the software you mentioned: Note that this software is used to compare the original A PLC program with Q PLC converted software for corrections or complements to the program originally converted using GX Developer. The first step is converting the hardware by using the conversion guides: A-Q And/or AnS-Q After that, you must convert existing PLC program by using GX Developer (included in iQ Works software suite). After that you use the conversion tool above. Regards, Thiago
  5. Good to know! Thanks for your reply! BR, Thiago
  6. Wasan, As further as I know and use QJ71EIP71 module, it uses only Tag type EtherNet/IP communication. QJ71EIP71 doesn't even have a specific EDS file or where to declare Assemblies numbers for data transactions. Every time I had to communicate a QPLC or FX with Sick FLEXI, I chose the Modbus/TCP option card from FLEXI and QJ71MT91 from the QPLC side. I know this is not exactly what you wanted to hear but honestly, QJ71EIP71 is a trick module to work with, demanding tests in case of using it to communicate with other brands PLCs. BTW, if you're going towards gateway solution, I've been using the ETH-1000 Millenium series from ICC and it works well. So that is the one I suggest to bind QPLC via its Ethernet SLMP port with EtherNet/IP network. . Thiago
  7. Looking for GX Works 3 Sample Code

    Hello, Please, check the example program below. I hope it helps somehow. Thiago GXW3_example.gx3 GXW3_example.pdf
  8. Hi, I don't have the SDK but there is such a tool available by Mitsubishi Electric, called MX Component ( it is an ActiveX component). I have a vídeo (sorry, it is in Portuguese but you can use subtitles tool by YouTube) that may help: Thiago
  9. Actually this FX3U module will not appear (no way to add) in GXW3 hardware configuration, you just add the FX5-CNV-BUS and the FX3 modules that go after should be directly addressed in the program using TO/FROM instructions or U\G devices. Don't forget that the FX5-CNV-BUS consumes one address, so the FX3U-2HC must be addressed as CNV address + 1. Thiago
  10. profinet to mitsubishi A-series?

    Is the A PLC connected through CPU RS422 port or is there some other communication card for this connection w/ SCADA? Depending on the communication, ETH1000 ICC gateway may be used.