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  1. RIWT special relay

    hello sczot, special link relay (SB) and register (SW) are from the cc-link master modul. If you want to use these, don't forget to setup the automatic refresh settings in the network parameter, othwerwise the releay/register are not updated! have a look at the Mitsubishi Programmable Logic Controller Training Manual (CC-Link course Q-Series) [SH-080620ENG-A] Appendix 4: CC-Link dedicated instructions (for the RIWT instruction) Appendix 3: List of special link relay/register        
  2. What are programm settings in GXwork2

    Hi xsienix, as far as i know the program settings will work like this: - Initial Programs will be executed once after startup - Scan Programs are the default and will be cyclic executed - Fixed Interval Programs are similar to Scan Programs, but use a fixed cycle time,   that can be set in the Program Settings; Fixed Interval Program are only executed   when Interrupts are enabled (with the 'EI' Instruction) from within   another 'Scan' or 'Init' Program - No Execution Type won't be executed - Wait Programs: don't know,  never needed these ones hope this helps     
  3. PLC Networking

    @imarshad maybe you'll have a look at the mitsusbishi mxcomponents for the c# program, if you don't want to write the complete network code