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  1. Barcode Scanner in PLC

    Hi ppl, Someone asked me to do a project that includes a Barcode Scanner to control a machine (sequence, insertions, etc), depending on the code (Code 39). What i would like to know is if there is any Omron PLC's working with barcode scanners. I can use a barcode scanner and get the info with rs232 connection and use it in a normal PC, but since is to work with a machine is beter one PLC, i would like to know if it is possible to do the same with a PLC. I've seen some forum topics, can someone advice me in wich PLC and wich scanner would i get ? Thanks.
  2. Using a Display With CPM1A

    Hello, I have a smal project to do with a CPM1A OMRON PLC, the ideia is for the user choose a number (1-10) and have the PLC stop a machine every time it counts that number ex: User selects 3. Machine counts 3 objects and stops. My pricipal issues are: 1) How do i connect a display to CPM1A does anyone allready connected one ? The ideia is the user see the number he wants. 2) Is it possible for example... to change the counter value based on the user selection ? for example: User selects 8: Machine counts 8 objects and stops. Hope someone can give me some ideias, since i'm not very used to work with PLC's. Thanks in advance.
  3. Using a Display With CPM1A

    Hi thanks for the info i'm going to check it.
  4. Hi, I have a Sick CLV410-0010S04, i need to use it in a project but im having problems conencting to the Scanner. I know this is a very used scanner so i would like someone that had some experience wit this reader to help me. Before i can connect it to my PLC i need to change some parameters in the Scanner, i used the software that comes with the scanner but, when i changed the STX and ETX parameters to STX CR the software simply doesn't reconise the scanner anymore... It seems there is a way to load the default settings using a normal Hyperterminal and a RS232 cable, but i can't seem to connect to the scanner with the Hyperterminal... Sorry my english and my question not so about PLC but.... i don't have any Help from sick about this issue and can't find any forums about this. Thanks.
  5. TIM Function

    Hi people, In the image example, when i have an input on, long enough, it activates my output after the time is set in the timer. What I need is to activate a Timer only with a pulse signal, activate the output the time the timer is counting and then when it ends the output goes off. Is there other instruction more suitable for this operation ? Thanks.
  6. Sequence With 3 Digit

    Hi people, I have done a program that compares the 2 Digit sequence from a Scanner reading to the last scanner reading. I move this 2 digit from the read result to a new Word and then i do a compare with the last read, and to a total sequence number, as in the first 2 pictures. Well after some help from some forum users it's done !!! But i have a last problem... i need to controll 3 number sequence... and then i can't compare with CMP since it occupyes more then a word :|, im very noob in the PLC world... is there a way to compare the values in the (D530&D531) and (D540&D541). Or treat them as only a value ? Is there any way to do this ? there is an example of the actual reading in the last picture. Sorry for my english... i can try to explain more clearly if there is any dought. Thanks.
  7. Sequence With 3 Digit

    The monitor is set up to Text because if i put it in Hexa is more dificult for me to understand what im reading... but yet..for example 98 TEXT is = to 3938 Hexa so its the same i have to work with 2 words. Thanks.
  8. Sequence With 3 Digit

    Yet ! As you can see in the Picture im doing the sum to the D540 +1, the D571 should be .899 and it is .998, is adding the 1 in the first left digit and it should be in the first right. I understand that it starts from the left to right, but is there any way to overcome this ? to do the normal sum ? Other thing... even if i can do that... when i sum +1 to the value .899 it should appear .900 and it appears .89@, i think that is because is BCD and not normal real values... Other problem Thanks.
  9. Sequence With 3 Digit

    Hi, I was seeing this instruction :), ok i will study a little bit more, as soon as i complete this program i will put it here in the forum and make a full description of what it does. Thanks for all the help.
  10. Sequence With 3 Digit

    Well i can't seem to get the right compare with CMPL... For example this situation: The value in D542 has to be = to the value in (D572 + 1) in the picture below. The +1 is in the D552 Position (can't see in text mode) That's when i have the 2 digit.. i can +B(404) to the D572 an then compare the D542 with D572. With 3 Digits i don't know how to do that... or more simple... how can i do the +B(404) with the 3 digits occupying the 2 words ? Thanks.
  11. TIM Function

    Hi people, Unfortunaly im very noob in the PLC world and using FB is something i YET don't know how to do, but with your help i have done what i needed with the Timer function :) Maybe not the best way to do it but its working there it is the part of the programming i need help. Once Again thanks all for the help :)
  12. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Ok, Thanks for all the help, in my questions principaly PdL, if i now have any more dificulties ill open a new topic since this is starting to move from the principal question that is now solved. Once Agains Thanks a lot to all.
  13. Hi, Once again i ask for someone Help... After reading a lot of forum topics, i can't seem to understand what is happeing, and why im not recieving any data from the Scanner... I have the done a cable to connect the Scaner RX(2) TX(3) and GND(5) to the RS232C Port on the PLC. In the PLC side i have RX(3) TX(2) and GND(5) is this Ok ? Whats the diference between the RS232 and the RS232C cable ? The communication in the PLC doesn't go on so i think is the cable problem. Hope someone could help. Thanks.
  14. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Hi, Thanks, so i have changed some things... now what i have is in the picture below... I think that its ok to start the control, my 2 principal problems are: 1) What can i use each time that there is a reading, something like, if D700 <> D800+1 (in the picture example D700 = 37 and D800 = 38) activates a error output... how can i compare the word to validade the integer value i want to control ? can i say for example "if the value integer in the D700.1 <> value integer in D800.1+1 " 2) The first reading from the scanner the value appears in the in the D500 the others in the D501, you know what could be happeing ?
  15. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Hi, I've been trying to move the data i need to other word but it seems something is not right... i have seem the instruction help and i think im doing the correct thing
  16. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Hi, yes exactly... sorry for my Noobness... I was forgeting that since i was trying to get the value to (..) lol... Now i want to controll the sequence, i want to say (for example in the picture) if the actual value in D500 (A) 038 is = to the value in D600 (B) 037 +1 sequence OK. The 3 first numbers are the sequence controll i want to controll that after each reading... what way to do this you advice me ?
  17. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Doesn't seem to work he doesn't move the word before doing the scan... The A392.06 is activating because if i change to A392.10 (for example) there isn't any data changing in the plc memory, with the A392.06 is too fast and i can't see it but the data is really sent. But the movement and the bit set is not working...
  18. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    It seems perfect to me ! Ill try it as soon as possible!! one more thing ! what do i use to activate the XFER function ?
  19. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Yes, it seems to be working i have the scanner reading as you can see in post #17. Communication Ok! Well... next i would like to someone give me some lights on how can i control the sequnce in the image... comparing allways the current value with the last one.. and to validade too when an error ocurrs, value 5.. My ideia is to, each time, i recieve a value i compare with the value in D600 (for example) and if its = to the value in D600 +1 then its ok if not gives error activating an output. I don't know well how to do this.. but i know that for now i at least need to know how to "clean" the D500 after done the compare and the move from D500 to D600 to be ready to get other value... hummm... was i clear ?
  20. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Sorry i modified my last post, yes the reception bit is with A392.06 but it doesn't go on when a reading is sent to the PLC, and yet data is sent to D500 :|
  21. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Hi, I really don't know for sure if it sends CR (carriage return) or a CR+LF (carriage return, line feed), but i think is CR+LF because it does allways a line feed after a reading in the Terminal... is that it ? There is the picture of my comm settings, i think they are ok since whe number that apears in the D500 is the number im trying to read from the barcode. There are 1 Image with 4 readings from the barcode scanner...
  22. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Hi People, First of all i want to thank you both for the explanations, and to ask sorry for the delay, believe me is not my fault... but it depends on wich project im working with. Second i want to say that i studied Automation but never worked again with PLCs... and now sometimes someone askes to try to do some crazy projects and i have to study and ask for your help :p Well... Questions... The Area is The Monitor Area and yes the 4&5 are shunt. I think the communication problem is solved, yet i have a dought about it. The RXD function has to have allways the Reception_Complete on to recieve any data ? If i put the value A396.06, it stays allways off but when there is a send from the scanner he position in memory (D500) if filled with the value. If i put the value A396.05, it stays allways on but no value is sent to (D500). I don't understand very well... Now, i have the Scanner communicationg with the PLC and the PLC recieving the info. I used the RX/TX example in the download section, the idea is to control the sequence from the data from the scanner. The Data From the scaner is someting like: .... 038034 038035 038036 038037 038038 015000 015001 015002 015003 .... First 3 Digits are the total pages from the set the other 3 are the current page. If there is any reading error it sends the value "5". Im thinking on doing this puting the actual read in D500 then in the next read i put the last read in the D400 (for example) and compare if the actual is = to the last+1. Well, this is programming issue you don't need to get involved in this part, ill try to handle this myself later. My problem, and its because my lack of experience and knowledge, is in how to work the information... The scanner is allways ON and when it finds a code it sends to the PLC, so i don't have any trigger or any "data send" signal. The info from the scanner is stored in the D500 position, i know that the data from the Scanner is 6 digits bue when appears an error it stays something like this... ... 038035 538036 <----- 038037 038038 ... and it should be... ... 038035 5 <----- 038037 038038 ... Because it has the last value in the D500, how can i clean the word right before a new value goes to the D500 position? Well... i think this is enough questions for now.. Hope someone could help, and sorry for my english... i can try to explain better the situations. Thanks.
  23. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Thank you very much for both explanations, ill have to study what you have told me because im very noob in the automation world, and i have other projects in hand... but Ill reply with the news as soon as possible. Thanks.
  24. Connecting Scanner To CJ1M with RS232C

    Hi, Once again thaks, it was the GND it wasn't in Pin9... But now when the Scanner triggers it shows the COMM sig light up, the HEX value changes but in the memory map no information is found... and i have to store info in D500, what could it be ? :| if the HEX value changes is each time the scanner makes a good read is because is recieveing something right ? Thanks.
  25. Need Optical Sensor

    Hi ppl, Can anyone with some experience in the "Sensing field" give me some help ? I need a Optical sensor to detect a black mark in a paper, tha mark is 3mm width 3mm high, is a smal square... it has to operate from 3mm to 30mm and has to be ajustable, NPN. It has to be a very fast sensing sensor like has to actuate 3 times /second in the worst case. Sorry not to be very exact, but im not very experinced in this kind of things... Thanks in advance.