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  1. Hi Guys, Could you please suggest is it possible collect data using MXsheet from FX2N PLC through GOT2000 to a PC over Ethernet cable and ALSO this PC is connected to a network printer. The PC has one ethernet port, so I am planning to use a switch to connect two network cables. The Idea is, collect temperature data on MX sheet and create a graph and print using MXsheet's auto print utility. When a bit goes high, the MXsheet print the file. No need of operator intervention. I tried to connect GOT2000 (GT25**-WX(1280 x 800) to the company server and transfer files using 'File Transfer' function of the GOT. But could not connect GOT to the company server and I was getting Authentication error. So this is the 'Plan B'. I tried this set up on the personal laptop, I was able to collect data and print using the USB printer. But I have no idea would the Ethernet switch be able the PC to communicate with HMI and the network printer at the same time and would it be a reliable connection over time. Thanking you
  2. CP1L PLC to GOT2103

    Thank you very much. It worked for me.
  3. CP1L PLC to GOT2103

    Hi, Could anyone please help me to set a Counter SetValue on Omron CP1L PLC from Got2103 HMI. The Device register on Got2103 doesnt take registers such as D0, it takes DM0. But the 'CNT 001 DM0' instruction doesnt work in Omron PLC. So what should be the Device address on HMI and Counter Set Value register. I am new to both Omron and Mitsi Thank you