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  1. Thank you Michael. That's what I wanted to know. The info would definitely help.
  2. I do need CIP safety as I have a bunch of robots in the line. My SL5500 (Customer Spec) is directly connected to the NX102. So you are saying the safety IO cards attached to the EIC202 would not work? I was thinking of putting a mix of standard and safety IO together on the EIC202 so that I could save up on space and modules. But if the SL5500 would not acknowledge the safety IO cards via the EIC202, then maybe I need to get the GI-S series safety modules instead, to wire up field safety.
  3. Hello. In a new project that I am working on, I have my main PLC as NX102-9000 and I am using an SL5500 Safety PLC along with it on the rack. I was thinking of using an NX-EIC202 ethernet communication module out in the field along with a couple of standard IO cards (NX-ID5142-1 & NX-OD5256-1) as well as a couple safety IO cards (NX-SID800 & NX-SOD400) attached to it. Would this configuration work? How would I map the safety signals over to my safety PLC in the Rack over the ethernet? I can map the standard IO (and standard safety IO status) using tag sets but I didn't find an option to do the same for the safety IO. When I go into the safety PLC ethernet communication settings in Sysmac studio, there is no NX-EIC202 shown. Only NX-CSG320. I am a newbie to Sysmac and any help is much appreciated.