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    Hi! im trying to learn plc programming and making a reptile tank climate control as a hobby project. i am looking into a FX1N-24MR. so what i want to do is one warmer zone that will be controled with a temp (pt100 maybe) and this temperature will be hold untill 22:00 and then start again at 06:00. there is some more functions to add but my main problem is a sequence that i want to be turned on once an hour for 1 second if a humidity sensor not giving to high humitidy. this will open a magnetic valve (or just energize the coil i mean) to let som water from a tank out and evaporate. and this should continue i a constant loop untill i manually shut it off again. so my question is, is this possible with the plc model and can i make multiple sequenses that run at the same time but are completely independent from each other? like the temp control and the humidity? // Mikael