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  1. Omron NT20S-ST121-EV3

    Hello,   Small update. I've tried today with different USB - RS232 adapter and managed to download HMI data using NT Series Support Tool 4.87. Does the data below look alright? I cannot see any data going through the Screen folder. Thank you,
  2. Hi, I want to do a backup of some old HMI that we use and came across a problem uploading data from Omron NT20S-ST121-EV3.  I'm using Omron XW2Z-200S-CV cable to connect. I manage to establish a connection using NT series support tool 4.87, the transfer starts and after 5sec it times outs - mark data on the screen. I have also tried ntss dos version using DOSBox and the problem is the same - transfer starts and stops after a few seconds. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.