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  1. CP1L-EM RS485 Problem

    Hi, Finally got a reply from P & F. I connected and tested using instructions below and works fine, just not sure how to set up code in PLC make this work, any ideas The sensor use's 84 7B and send & receive requests Steps to establish communication between PXV with Dock Light.pdf The '6.1.6 detail how to turn on a terminator' in above message is for termination resistor.
  2. CP1L-EM RS485 Problem

    Hi, Im using port 1, I was playing around with setting, have changed back to default. Apparently we need to send an start and stop code to get data, the scan on unit  is to set up the comms etc not for start/stop codes I was using the code below as start/stop (0000000010001000) hex 88 for Start and (111111101110111) hex 77 for Stop looking at the code below
  3. CP1L-EM RS485 Problem

    I am struggling to communicate to a Peperl Fuchs vision position sensor via RS 485. We have had it all working via the setup software so i know it works, but i am not sure how to talk to it as I have not done this before. According to Omron engineers the CIF11 is setup right, I have been using the RXD Command but not sure about the start & end codes or where to put them. I have attached a doc of what the start & stop codes look like Can any body give me an example of what my code should look like?   https://files.pepperl-fuchs.com/webcat/navi/productInfo/doct/tdoct5910a_eng.pdf? Vision sensor.cxp