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  1. Hi all! I'm trying to read data from a magnetic sensor of Roboteq's called MGSW1600. The sensor allows Modbus ASCII communication with RS232 interface. I'm already using a RS232-RS485 converter but that's not enough to communicate. In attachments, you can find the related settings of the sensor for communication and packet structure for sending and receiving data. I've tried using non-procedural communication and did all the settings but I guess sumcheck here is CRC, not LRC as denoted in the sensor's datasheet, moreover, I couldn't figure out how to sent all the necessary information to the sensor (node address, function code, register address to read from, number of registers to read) using RS2 function block. So, I'm thinking of using Predefined Protocol Support Function as soon as I obtain the necessary devices I ordered online. I also added Predefined Protocol Support Function settings in the attachments. I need help with the ladder program and confirmation of settings or any other idea about how I can establish communication between FX5U's built-in Modbus RTU RS485 port and Modbus  ASCII RS232 sensor.