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  1. Q02HCPU- Unit Verify Error

    Hi you can go to PLC Diagnostic and check what type or number of error it has so that members here can help you. You can also refer to the manual of each module to know what you can do to correct the errors.
  2. Q02H Analog Signal scaling GX Works 2

    Hi already solved, thanks for the replies. The main CPU model is Q02H and the analog module is Q064AD, i did mathematical operations for the scaling that i wanted since no direct scaling instruction is available for gx works 2.
  3. Hi, i'm pretty new to the programming environment of the GX works 2 and i would like to do scaling of my analog signal from Q64AD module. The signal is 4-20mA and the range of i would like to have 0-100PSI, i can't seem to find any scaling on the manual.