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  1. SoftGot2000 Alarm History

    Make sure the devices that the GOT is monitoring are latched bits in your PLC, there is a section in the PLC parameter that you can define as a latched or rather battery backed memory that will retain the data after power cycle. If they are not a latched bit you will need to define a range that is latched, but be careful that no other devices are addressed to those or they will retain as well when power is cycled.
  2. QJ71C24N-R4: G.INPUT and G.OUTPUT

    Try and use a different baud rate, I noticed when I was setting up a serial barcode scanner that if the baud rate was not correct, I would not get the data or it would not make sense with the data that input. Not sure if that is the problem, but I would try it. Also as you noted previously, anytime you make a parameter change you need to either reset the CPU or cycle power to it, either one works, if not the changes will not take effect.
  3. Hello everyone, I had seen a couple of threads concerning a serial module from Mitsubishi but still wasn't able to get the answers I needed, so I am no longer a lurker but a member. I have a Q06 PLC and QJ71C24N-R2 serial module, I am using a Sick IDM 260-100H scanner. The serial module has never been installed and currently the scanner is being interfaced with the GOT2000, but I am limited on what I can do there, so I bought the serial module in hopes of having more possibilities using it.  So my goal would be to scan different bar codes such as a DM and 2D line bar code and have that data input into a register, from there I will be able to write the code of logic to manipulate that data the way I want. The problem is I have a couple issues.  First when I scan the DM code, it inputs into the device register that I assigned in the auto refresh tab for that device, but not the entire code, I would assume this is just an issue with the allotted address assigned. Problem with that is I haven't been able to figure out how to extend this to reflect the entire string.  The other issue I have is when I scan the 2D line bar code I get nothing. I am not 100% sure if this is due to the scanner and it possibly programmed for only DM's but I have replaced this scanner before and I just plugged it in and it started doing what the broken one had done, so I don't think this is the issue, but I will not rule it out.  I have attached a couple screen shots of the switch setting and the auto refresh screen, but that is all that I had changed to the module parameters to get where I am at. Any information will be useful and appreciated.