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  1. Weintek mTV100

    Hi Everybody, Can anyone help me that how to download easy builder pro program in mtv100 HMI device via ethernet? What are the basic settings?
  2. Omron CQM1H PLC Online

    Link made successfully. Now its giving message that UM Program read is protected. What's the solution for reading program?
  3. Omron CQM1H PLC Online

    Thanks Jay Anthony & gtsuport. Is the cable shown in my post is ok? it is CN 226.    Jay Anthony you said Switch 5 is on & Port Settings to 9600, E, 7, 2. So This setting is for CN 226 cable? What if i use RS232 to USB? Is there different settings for this cable? & By using RS232 to USB, am i able to online Plc & save program file to my PC?
  4. Omron CQM1H PLC Online

    Hello everyone, I need help for the titled matter. The problem is that i am using CX programmer v 6.1 trial version 30 days. The error i am getting is PLC failed to connect. so the cable in attachment is right one? It is CN226 USB to Peripheral port cable. DIP switches are all off. Should in set them in on off state? if yes so whats the sequence? Replies will be highly appreciated Thanks