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  1. Lamp Bit and Buzzer

    In my case NS is a follower, it just reflects the status of W memory in the CP1L. I mean they both only show at the same time the status of CP1L. If I understand you well, in case CP1l maintain continuously the bit, it could lead to a problem? Thank you.
  2. Lamp Bit and Buzzer

    Yes sir! I did this and it works! You guys are just grate! You are the expert! I asked 3 days ago the same question Omron technical support, they didn't know the answer and promised to replay next day. So far, there is no response at all. Shame on it. I have just uncertainty if it works well in my configuration. I have two terminal NS15 connected to the PLC CP1L. Both terminal running absolutely the same program. I made the same configuration ( the same allocation addresses to W memory on both terminals). So far it works well. I just doubt if it is correct, because two terminals pointed to the same memory location in the PLC. Could it bring a problem? Thank you.  
  3. Lamp Bit and Buzzer

    Thank you for the help. On the first screenshot you suggested to chose option serialA, but I don't have this option. I think, because cp1l and NS15 are connected trough the network. In my case, cp1l:wr00010.06 in work area of CP1l changes the status of Lamp bit in NS15. And I need to turn On and OFF buzzer $SB12 accordingly. Would you show me, please this specific example.  
  4. Lamp Bit and Buzzer

    Hello, I am programming an Lamp Bit to NS 15 paired with a CP1L-EM40DR-D PLC. When the Lamp Bit activated I would like a Buzzer to sound. Can you help me how to do this. I have changed the settings in the PT to Buzzer on. I read in the help that bit SB13 turns 0.5 seconds Buzzer on, but cant find how to activate the buzzer from CP1L. If you have a video, or step by step procedure, it would be helpful. I found similar post http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/22984-creating-buzzer-to-signal-alarm/#comment-110916 but without a screenshot it's difficult to understand. Thank you.