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  1. Hy Big Country, i need a software of melsec medoc of mitsubishi, can you send it to me please?, my adress is i have a problem with PLC F1-60MR and I don´t have the soft. I´m argentinian ingeneer for industrial automation control , If you need any help or you have any questions you can count with me.



    1. Gscont


      Download link available

  2. question about GOT 1565

    Its been a while since I have worked with Mitsu but I beleive that if you look closely there is an x on the screen this will be the area where the screen comes up and it can be moved.
  3. CC-Link Newbie

    Well guys as luck would have it I did get the two PLC's talking to one another but as far as the GOT the addressing to and from it is just to complicated and really not even feasable to attempt. Just a little FYI.
  4. CC-Link Newbie

    I should have been more infomative on my post, I have a machine that drills and taps several rods the other machine is a press that bends one style of parts. Between the two I have a robot that is material handling. I want to monitor what the robot and press are doing and display it one the touchscreen that is located on the tapping machine. Inside the press I have a Mitsubishi A series PLC and in the tapping machine is a A series the robot is controlled by the press PLC so I will also have to send some bits back and forth to say that he tapping machine is finished and ready for the robot to pick up the part and same for the tapping I will need to tell it that the robot has picked the part up.
  5. CC-Link Newbie

    They are both A1SH PLC and I have just bought two A1SJ61BT11 modules. I don't know about the master I really dont need either ot be master they just need to share data back and forth.
  6. CC-Link Newbie

    Does anyone have some experience using CC-Link to communicate between to PLC. And would you happen to have a sample program that you would care to share. I am starting a new project that I will be monitoring plant air psi from 4 seperate locations.
  7. Robot Forum

    Just an idea, but would it be a benefit to have a robot forum. That all the guys that work with Fanuc, OTC, MotoMan ,etc can share problems that they are having and solutions.
  8. OT: Amazing Panoramas - RIO Wiring?

    Hey look at it this way, you have something to break your fall if you fell off the top of a roof. Cause there is no way your going to make it through that mess.
  9. PLC SIL rating

    You may look at STI they carry a model of safety controllers I beleive it a CQM series.
  10. CJ1W- CPU13 network card going bad often

    Yes they are all CJ1M CPU 13
  11. CJ1W- CPU13 network card going bad often

    I am new to Omron PLC's but already with the new weld cells that arrived 3 weeks ago we have had a network card go bad. The system consists of a main plc that talks to two other slave plc's. We were warned that these things were notorious for cards going bad especially the power supplies and network card's. Has anyone seen this occurence before or do you have any suggestions for me? Thank's in advance.
  12. Com port assignment

    I did but that doesnt remove them from being registerd to those drivers for some reason. I can't get it to release those com ports.
  13. Com port assignment

    [i have just installed a new bluetooth adapter on my computer and was trying to make it work with a serial to bluetooth adapter. My problem is that I have all of my com ports assigned to other things that I don't use very often and they are taking up space on my com port locations. I need to release some of them but don't know how. I have attached a pic of what I have going on. Please help I am about to pull my hair out, I have spoke to the company IT dept and there like DUUUHHH.
  14. Has anyone ever used one of these and do they work ok? Been thinking about ordering one.
  15. Design Software

    Yeah I looked at Auto Cad LT but the company just buy's full blown version. And sometimes it just easier to go with the flow than to try and explain to them that it will save them money.