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  1. Delta HMI Communication error

    the distance between PLC and HMI is almost 1 meter. we don't want to change the baud rate, The cable that we are using is shielded. HMI is communicating with PLC properly but after some time HMI shows  COM 2 STATION 2: COMMUNICATION ERROR B
  2. Delta HMI Communication error

    Thanks for your response.  The first option that you suggested, we checked that our communication cable is separate from the power wiring. and in the second option, we can not change the baud rate of s7-300 PLC. The baud rate of PLC and HMI is 187.5kbps and will not be changeable. communication cable connection is: DOP------MPI 1--------3 6-------8 5-------5
  3. Delta HMI Communication error

    Dear sir, I am using delta HMI model DOP-B07E411 with Siemens PLC  S7-300, Everything is perfect program is uploading and downloading properly but after some time it will show communication error COM 2 STATION 2: COMMUNICATION ERROR B. Please suggest a suitable solution.