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  1. C# CompactLogix Ethernet/IP Communication

    I just tried the AdvancedHMIcs project and it is missing a reference. Add a reference to the AdvancedHMIcs project to the file AdvancedHMIDrivers\Support\MfgControl.AdvancedHMI.Drivers.dll And another reference to AdvancedHMIControl\Support\Mfgcontrol.AdvancedHMI.Controls.dll
  2. C# CompactLogix Ethernet/IP Communication

    Where did you see that AdvancedHMI is free for students only? The only restriction is that it is under a GPL license that requires you to pass the full source onto the end user.
  3. C# CompactLogix Ethernet/IP Communication

    So you say you can't use AdvancedHMI because it is free, but then you say you only have 10 tags, so you don't want to pay. Does this mean you want something that is not free, but you don't want to pay anything for it?
  4. Compactlogix PLC - Visual Studio C# SCADA

    AdvancedHMI is a SCADA/HMI package that uses Visual Studio for development. It includes the drivers to communicate with the CompactLogix. You can create simple HMIs without the need to write code or you can use VB or c# to do more advanced things. The base package is no cost to use.
  5. CIP: Forward close fault

    Does your Connection_Path match that of the Forward Open and the Connection Serial Number match that of what was returned by the Forward Open?   If you need reference packets or something to test on the Pi for comparison, AdvancedHMI works on the Pi and has a full working CIP driver. It is a .NET application.  

    I'm not aware of any HMI that will communicate with a Zebra printer. The last project I did with a Zebra printer, I used AdvancedHMI with a panel PC. That let me install the printer using the driver from Zebra. It did require some code writing, so it took a little time to do.

    It depends on the protocol used by the device and supported by the HMI. The most common protocol used by non-PLC devices is Modbus. 
  8. RS Logix 5000 to External PC

    From this video, it seems the FOCAS dll can be used with VB.NET    Therefore you can download the AdvancedHMI base package, import the FOCAS DLL into the AdvancedHMI solution, then follow the example in the video and go by same examples for AdvancedHMI to move the data to/from the PLC. I would give more exact examples, but I do not have the FOCAS dll.
  9. RS Logix 5000 to External PC

    If your FOCAS DLLs can be used in a .NET application, you can add them to AdvancedHMI, then use the AdvancedHMI CLX driver to read/write the PLC data and use FOCAS in the application to pass the data to the CNC. But I agree with Ken, if you could get a direct connection between the PLC and CNC, you will have more reliable communications.  
  10. PanelPC for AdvancedHMI?

    The panel PCs listed on the AdvancedHMI web site have features to take advantage of the software and have been designed for serviceability. They are preconfigured to boot up an AdvancedHMI project and come with all of the expansion packs.  
  11. panelview 550 replacement

    How complex is the Panelview 550 program, as in how many screen and about how many tags? Are all 25 of them the same program?
  12. Simple data logging software

    What are you logging? Data from a PLC? Or raw analog voltages/current?
  13. Sequential Function Charts (SFC)

    I have not used SFC in Rockwell PLCs, but have used them extensively in CodeSys based systems. The amount of time spent programming state machines using SFC vs ladder is reduced by probably 5 fold. Inserting and deleting states in SFC can take seconds versus minutes in the same thing with ladder. SFC self-documents the flow of the program. As opposed to a state machine in ladder, you will need to manually draw a state transition diagram. In my opinion, SFC is the proper tool for state machine programming.
  14. visual basic to rslogix

    VB6 is kind of dated, I recommend using the latest Visual Studio Community Edition because it has a lot better tooling and is free. You could also use AdvancedHMI which includes the communication drivers you need and will reduce your time invested to less than a few hours.
  15. Preferred HMI with RSLogix 5000

    "You could look at AdvancedHMI . It has a very stable ControlLogix driver that has been benchmarked against many others and proved to be the fastest. The driver reads both controller and program scope tags. One of the advantages of the software is that it is free to develop with and does not require a run time license. Another advantage is that it is open and non-proprietary. Although panel PCs that have been optimized and fully tested are available from the web site, it is not required that you use them. You can run the software on any WIndows PC. The AdvancedHMI panel PCs do offer things such as an HDMI port that can run a TV for a large production display and plenty of communication ports. The pricing is much lower than most HMIs, but the speed and quality out performs them. You can get an idea of using the software by searching YouTube for "AdvancedHMI Quick Start" which is only a 3 minute video.