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  1. Anybus And 1768 L43C PLC

    It already has the eds file from anybus  
  2. Anybus And 1768 L43C PLC

    Hello i want to connect an Allen Bradley 1768 L43C PLC with an anybus Ethernet/IP Scanner X Gateway. Unfortunately the PLC doesn't recognize the anybus X Gateway, I attached some pictures of my configuration. Do somebody knows whats happening? Thank you. p.s. Help!! :( error allen bradley.docx
  3. Anybus x Gateway assembly instances

      Thanks, but what i'm looking for is the Allen Bradley 1794-AENT assembly instances. I'm looking for its data, data rate and connection points.
  4. Anybus x Gateway assembly instances

    I'm trying to connect a anybus ethernet/ip scanner with an allen bradley model 1794 AENT/B, but i can't find the assembly instances and data size. Can anybody help me please? I had already try to look everywhere.