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  1. Thank you very much for your answer.  This would work and answers my question, but unfortunately I did a poor job explaining my problem  I have two jobs/scenes/programs (not 100% sure what the correct name is). The first one gets started by the PLC and searches for the start marker, then it reports back to the PLC and the PLC starts the second scene that does the measuring and looks for the end marker. The second scene does one measurement, checks for the end marker and is then done and gets started by the PLC again. This repeats until an end marker is found. Unfortunately it is not my decision to switch this basic working principle, I only have the option to work with the Omron software So I would like to save the measurements for all the repetitions of the measurement scene and then reset that value once the start maker scene gets started again. That's why I mentioned the trend monitor unit, it basically does exactly that and already gives me an average value which I can display, but I would have to reset the trend monitor when I start the next workpiece (or after I found the end marker on the current workpiece) I hope that I did a better job explaining this time,  your help and time is very much appreciated Kind regards Yaws  
  2. Hey everyone, first a few PSAs: I am pretty new to vision systems and not even sure if I found the correct forum. Also English is not my first language. I am working with an Omron FH/FZ5 Series Vision System and I have a workpiece which is quite long and gets conveyed through the vision field of my camera. On the workpiece are marker which indicate that the area in which I want to measure is starting. I have a Scene set up that looks for these markers and then switches to the measurement Scene. At some point there will be an end marker and the Scene switches back to the start marker search Scene.  What I am looking for now is a way to get an average value of all the measurements, which were performed during the measurement Scene, displayed on my screen. So far I am able to display the average which I get from the trend monitor that I set up in the program, but that average also includes measurements from previous workpieces. Being able to delete all old values from the trend monitor whenever I switch to the measurement Scene would probably already be enough for me. Do any of you guys have suggestions on how I could get this solved? Sorry again if this is the wrong forum. Kind regards Yaws