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  1. Registering EDS Files

    I am having the same problem except with Logix5000. I am exporting out of Click programming software. It worked at one point, the export, and the EDS install went fine. When I had to modify the EDS file, I removed it from the database, and when I went to put the new EDS in rsLogix5000, it says it imported it fine, with no errors. But when I attempt to add new module, the newly added EDS file is not in the registry of modules to add. I am not sure what caused this to quit working. I have tried reinstalling all versions of Logix5000, and tried adding the EDS through the Rockwell Software, and running it as Administrator. I've tried doing windows updates, restarting, shutting down, cycling the power on the PLC's. I've tried everything. PLEASE HELP!!!