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  1. 1756-hsc/b problem

    the meter display in the control room is used for setting water flow volume,and show how much water has been added in the machine. and it sends signal to PLC  to show on FTView SE. i'll check it out what kind of signal the meter display sends.
  2. 1756-hsc/b problem

  3. 1756-hsc/b problem

    i'm converting from plc-5 to 1756-L71,old one uses 1771-VHSC to calculate how much water been added. the old program set the counter to Counter Mode,No Store,Rollover = 0,Preset = 0 and Scaler = 0. wiring on Input A and i do all the same on rslogix 5000 with 1756-HSC,but the data has a little deviation at about 10% compare to original data how to solve this problem? thanks