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  1. FX3GE40M, FX2N48ER-ES, FX2N8EYR, FX3G232BD

    Its automatic assigned. the FX3GE40M (main unit) lets say the I/O is: X0 to X20 Y0 to Y 20 The first expansion unit connect to the main unit will be: Lets say in your case using FX2N48ER-ES: X21 to X44 Y21 to Y44 if the FX2N8EYR is connected in right side of your FX2N48ER-ES will be: X45 to X48 Y45 to Y48 But the main unit have limit of I/O (expansions) you need check the main unit spec. maybe im wrong and you can assignee the I/O address, im pretty new too using PLC just write simple code using X21 and Y21 and check the unit led status of the respective I/O if dont work the X22 and Y22 is the correspondent, and check all one by one if is the case to make sure
  2. CASE statement doubts

    Have you tried use the e—Manual Viewer? GX3>help>e-manual viewer or Melsec iQ-F FX5 Programing Manual (Program Design). constant methods for expressing constants Data type: String(32)  enclose character strings with single quotation example: Stest :=‘ABC’; thats it are you looking for?
  3. PLC Networking

    Just buy FX5U64MT
  4. BCD for 7 Segments Display

    You need to inform PLC model at least so we can show to you the manual, after you read the manual and if you don’t understand you ask again
  5. Your firmware is from 2016 , the latest firmware version is 1.201 released at 2019-11-15. Here in Japan when we buy take 4 days to receive and the date printed in the right side is from after 2 days you requested. you can update your firmware using GXW3 if you have the last version or download it from MELSEC.
  6. The fact is; 1 - RTFM  2 - easy to use the E Manual Viewer... This is brand new? just get in contact with Mitsubishi representative at you area or from who you brought it. If is authorized dealer just tell the s/n and you get another one, easy, no secret. After all you paid for GX3 and the hardware unit, right? so at least you get support from Mitsubishi to replace it if its a defective product. or buy something you understand at least AB or Siemens, you even don’t know the Mitsubishi series nomenclature, release date thats why you’re stuck  

    maybe write protected? i never used yet GOT...
  8. Simple Project vs Structured Project

    GX Works2 Version 1.577B Series: QCPU (Q mode) Project Type: Simple Project Language: Ladder;                     SFC Use Label checked ST option appear. Structured Project: Use label os checked by default languages; Ladder; ST; SFC; structured Ladder/FBD IL Not Specify. this is what i have here.  
  9. Read the Manual for MX component version 3 i think. In the manual have many examples  when you install the component you have many sample code, include for excell. sign into Mitsubishi Factory Automation site, they have huge material, libraries, sample code, e-learning, simulators. you dont need to buy anything to sign here in Japan, i think is the same in the rest of the locations. in japanese have more stuff, simulator, code, manuals...but you can use the code in japanese (just the comments and the explanation is in japanese). sign in dude!