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  1. Simple Project vs Structured Project

    GX Works2 Version 1.577B Series: QCPU (Q mode) Project Type: Simple Project Language: Ladder;                     SFC Use Label checked ST option appear. Structured Project: Use label os checked by default languages; Ladder; ST; SFC; structured Ladder/FBD IL Not Specify. this is what i have here.  
  2. Read the Manual for MX component version 3 i think. In the manual have many examples  when you install the component you have many sample code, include for excell. sign into Mitsubishi Factory Automation site, they have huge material, libraries, sample code, e-learning, simulators. you dont need to buy anything to sign here in Japan, i think is the same in the rest of the locations. in japanese have more stuff, simulator, code, manuals...but you can use the code in japanese (just the comments and the explanation is in japanese). sign in dude!